Open Campus

  • For 2019/2020 - Class of 2020

    Open Campus enrollment for students who did not enroll in May of 2018 can enroll beginning October 1st 2018.  The Application will be available on the Parent Portal - beginning Monday, Ocotober 1st. Please follow and read the directions carefully.  Students will then receive open campus privileges at the beginning of the second quarter.  Students are still required to fulfill their three service hours for quarter 2 even if they did not have open campus privileges during quarter 1. 






    ***All forms are due in the BLUE locker on the first floor by 2:45 p.m. on the due date.


    The Senior Open Campus Program has been developed for the school year to provide qualified seniors with the privilege of additional opportunities for use of non-class time.

    Seniors permitted to participate in Open Campus will be allowed to leave school during non-class times.

    A committee of STAP-Comm compiled the following goals for open campus.

    • To help seniors develop an adult sense of responsibility.
    • To give seniors experience in budgeting time and learning to spend it wisely.
    • To strengthen individual responsibility and further develop self-discipline among seniors.
    • To improve school spirit by uniting the senior class, making it responsible for the success of the program.
    • To improve the operation of the school by providing an incentive to underclassmen, alleviating hallway problems, and reducing study hall sizes.



    • Students must have senior status as defined in the OPHS Student Agenda.
    • Any student who received a failing grade for either the 4th quarter or for a final course average at the end of his/her junior year will NOT be eligible for open campus until at least the beginning of the 2nd quarter of his/her senior year.
    • Any student who received a disciplinary referral during the 4th quarter of his/her junior year will NOT be eligible for open campus until at least the beginning of the 2nd quarter of his/her senior year.
    • Students can apply through the parent or student portal. The $10.00 open campus fee can be paid on-line with a credit card. This is the preferred method of payment. Checks can also be made out to OPHS if need be. This money collected will be deposited into the Senior Class account.
    • Any student who does not have open campus will automatically be assigned to a study hall and/or lunch.
    • Students must agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the Open Campus Program.
    • Seniors in good standing do not have to apply for open campus to attend the senior study hall in the cafeteria.
    • For Juniors: The application period is through the student or parent portal from May 1 through May 31. We will not accept late applications.
    • For Seniors: Applicants who missed the deadline in May of their Junior year can apply for open campus during their senior year beginning on October 1st or the first school day in October.

    The success of the Senior Open Campus Program will depend upon the cooperation of students, teachers, administrators and parents alike.





    1. When you leave the building you must do so at the beginning of the period and stay out until there are no more than five minutes remaining in the period.  Loitering and hanging out in the building or parking lot is strictly prohibited.
    2. When you leave the building and go out in the community, remember you are representing your school.  Behave accordingly.
    3. If you choose to stay in the building, you must report to your destination before the bell rings.  (Open campus privileges do not give you free reign and allow you to loiter or wander around the hallways.) In order to access the Media Center you must have your I.D. You may also attend the senior study hall in the cafeteria.  Students who do not have open campus due to failing grades or disciplinary actions may NOT attend senior study hall in the cafeteria.
    4. Students may not leave the building and come back late.  Be aware of the time when you are out on open campus. Pay close attention to special bell schedules.  Students may not leave on open campus and call to notify their house office that they are sick and will not be returning to school.  Students must report back to the building and, if need be, report to the nurses office upon their arrival.
    5. Remember that Open Campus is a privilege not a right.  Students with this privilege must be good, upstanding citizens that are academically eligible.  Students who fail classes and receive disciplinary referrals will lose their privileges for a minimum of 10 weeks.  This is not open for negotiation. The open campus adviser does not have jurisdiction over this rule.
    6. Students may not bring food from outside restaurants back into the building.
    7. Students may not leave the building with a student who does not have open campus privileges.  Violators of this rule will lose open campus privileges immediately.
    8. If you have open campus first period you must report to school before homeroom.  If you have open campus first and second period, you still must report to homeroom and then, if you wish, you may leave on open campus second period.



    1. Carding/Swiping out is our record that you have left the building. Therefore, all students MUST have a current, valid I.D. card.  Students are not permitted to type in their number or use an old I.D. card. All students MUST card/swipe their current OPHS student I.D.card before leaving the building.
    2. Individuals leaving the building MUST swipe/card themselves out.  Friends or associates are prohibited from carding/swiping another student out.
    3. If the card/swipe system is down due to a network or computer failure, students will be required to physically sign out and sign in on sheet provided.


    All students with open campus privileges must put in a total of 9 service hours (3 per quarter) throughout the school year in order to keep their open campus privileges. School Service is defined as: Any service to or for the school district supervised by a faculty or staff member. These services are not just limited to the boundaries of OPHS. Students may complete their school service hours at any building in the school district, as long as they are supervised by a faculty or staff member. If Ormsby or BOCES students want to complete service hours at or for their BOCES location, it must be approved by the open campus adviser first. Examples of services are: filing papers, cleaning desks or areas of the classroom, picking up litter on the grounds and/or senior parking lot, setting up for school functions (dances, exams, assemblies, special meetings) putting away equipment and supplies, putting away materials in the library, or stuffing envelopes for mass mailings.

    • Students may not ever grade papers or enter grades in a gradebook.  

    • If you aren't sure or you think the service you are about to do may be questioned, it is your responsibility to ask the Open Campus Adviser (Mr. Biondo) for verification before you participate in the service activity.

        1. School Service Duration: School service hours should be completed in 30 minute increments. (Example 30, 60, 90, 120 etc...) Each 30 minute session completed earns a student 1 credit. (60 minutes =2 credits, 90 minutes = 3 credits and so on.) By the end of each quarter each student must earn a minimum of 6 credits (3 hours) of school service. If the student does not earn the FULL 6 credits, he/she is considered delinquent and will lose his/her open campus privileges. Students may BANK their credits for future quarters.  (example: Student "A" earned a total of 9 credits during the 1st quarter. He is ahead by 3 credits earned for the 2nd quarter. It is possible for a student to earn all 18 credits for the whole school year.)

        2. School Service Delinquency: If a student is delinquent, he/she will automatically lose open campus privileges and be assigned a lunch and/or study hall.  In order for a student to get open campus privileges back, he/she must complete the credits owed from the previous quarter plus half of the credits (3 credits) of the current quarter by the 5 week mark.  If a student completes his/her service requirement, open campus privileges will be reinstated immediately. If not, he/she must complete the credits owed from the previous quarter plus the 6 credits for the current quarter.  If this is completed, the student's open campus privileges will be reinstated at the beginning of the next quarter.

        3. Students Who Lose Open Campus Due to Academic or Disciplinary Reasons:  A student who loses open campus or begins the school year without open campus privileges due to academic or disciplinary reasons must still fulfill the required service hours needed before the next quarter.  (Example: Student “A” began the school year without open campus privileges due to failing grades. In order for Student “A” to have open campus in the second quarter he/she must be passing all classes and earn 6 school service credits (3 hours) during the first quarter.

        4. Conflicting Services and Volunteer Hours:  Under no circumstances may students use their school service hours for any other school / academic classes such as US Government or NHS volunteer hours.  If students are found "double dipping,” their open campus privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the year. This program is designed to encourage our seniors to think about their school community.  This is also being supported by the Orchard Park School District Board of Education.

        5. School Service Forms: Students must turn in their signed school service forms to the Blue Open Campus locker found on the first floor across from the custodial office.  Forms are available on line. Student MUST complete the form on-line and get the necessary signatures. Forms filled out by hand will not be accepted. In order to receive credit, the form must be filled out COMPLETELY and signed by the faculty or staff member who supervised the service.  
          It is the student’s responsibility to fill out the form not the supervising staff member.

        6. Remind Text Alert System:  All students who have open campus privileges must subscribe to the Remind Text alert system.  We use this system to notify students for emergency purposes and to let students know of service opportunities.  To sign up you need to send a text to 81010 and type @hkebkd in the message box and hit send.


     An open campus violation can be defined as any violation set forth but not limited to the guidelines listed above.

    • Violation 1- Verbal Warning
    • Violation 2- Student loses open campus privileges for a minimum of 10 weeks.
    • Violation 3- Student loses open campus privileges for the remainder of the school year.


    The Open Campus Adviser or Administrator reserves the right to change or modify these guidelines as OPHS administrators and/or as OPCSD administrators see fit.

    Revised 9/2020

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