• The Orchard Park Central School District continues its long-standing commitment to excellence in academics, athletics, service, and the arts. As we celebrate 120 years, we honor our history by recognizing unique moments from our past. If you have any photos or memories that you would like to share from your experience in the District, please feel free to email jbecker@opschools.org or jspoto@opschools.org. You can also share your experiences on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #opcsdhonorsourhistory #honoringourhistory and #120yearsofexcellence. 

  • First graduation class of Orchard Park High School in 1896. From left to right are: Top row - Glen B. Hoag, Herbert M. Anthony. Bottom row - Ella J. Johnson, Carrie P. Trevett (Briggs), Helen M. Oaks.

    High School Seniors from 1896 pose for a photo

    In 1912, Orchard Park students were transported to school via horse drawn carriages. In the photo here, students are being dropped off at the Lincoln School, present site of the Orchard Park Boys and Girls Club. Photo courtesy of the Eckl family.

    Horses pull students to schools in carriages

    Despite cumbersome uniforms, the Orchard Park High School girls basketball team of 1921 was ready for the court along with what looks to be their lucky mascot, the cute mutt on the ball.

    Girls 1921 Basketball team.

    The Orchard Park High School Class of 1947 stands on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York City. This is the first time an entire senior class took a class trip together. Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Gravius.

    Senior HS class stands on observation deck of Empire State Building