Multi-disciplinary teams may recommend a student to a Committee on Special Education for any placement option listed below. However, these placements may or may not provide services in isolation. Based on the individual student’s academic, physical, social-emotional and management needs, services may coalesce to provide the appropriate placement in accordance with a least restrictive environment policy. The Orchard Park Central School District ensures that adequate and appropriate staff and space are continually allocated within the District for special education programs that meet the needs of resident student with disabilities and houses BOCES programs.

    Continuum of Services

    Groupings are based upon similarity of student needs and no more than a three year age-span guideline. Staff-to-student ratios are in accordance with current State regulations.

    1. Regular Classroom
      1. with Declassification Support Services
      2. with Supplemental Aids and Services
      3. with Consultant Teacher Services, Resource Room and/or Related Services
      4. with Integrated Co-Teaching

    1. Special Education Self-Contained Classroom
      1. Special Class (15:1)
      2. Special Class (12:1:1)

    1. Out-of-District Public, Private and Agency Program
      1. Special Class (12:1:1) BOCES
      2. Special Class (8:1:1) BOCES
      3. Special Class (6:1:1) BOCES
      4. Special Class (12:1:4) BOCES
      5. Aspire
      6. Autistic Services
      7. Baker Victory Services
      8. Cantalician Center for Learning
      9. Center for Handicapped Children
      10. Gateway/Longview Youth & Family Services
      11. Heritage Education Program
      12. Mary’s School for the Deaf
      13. Springville League for the Handicapped
      14. Stanley G. Falk School
      15. Buffalo City School District – School 84
      16. Summit Educational Resources
      17. New York School for the Blind - Batavia

    2. Residential (24 Hour Care)

    3. Home/Hospital Instruction
      1. 1 hour/day, 5 hours week – Elementary Level
      2. 2 hours/day, 10 hours week – Secondary Level

Nature and Scope of Programs

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