• Documentation Required for Registration of Students New to the District:

    Registration is now completed online through each guardian's Parent Portal account via the eCollect-PowerSchool System.

    Proof of Residence

    The following is a list of documentation required to establish a student's residency. The list below provides guidance regarding the documentation to be submitted by the student's parent/guardian.   District policy requires residency documentation for all new students even when siblings are already attending OP schools.

    Proof of Residency and Supporting Documentation

    1. Deed or Closing Statement for Residence; or  most current Property Tax Bill for Residence (County/Town or School Tax Bill);
      1. Parent/Guardian’s billing address on tax bill must match residence. Otherwise, parent/guardian must provide additional supporting documentation for proof of residency.
    2. Executed Lease or Rental Agreement (Lease must be up-to-date - an expired lease or an unsigned lease is not a valid proof of residence); 
      1. Lease or Rental Agreement must include actual address; Landlord’s name and contact information and must be signed by all parties.
      2. If Agreement does not include such information, parent/guardian must provide Landlord's name and phone number for verification purposes.

    One of the options below as verification of Supplemental Residency Documentation (dated within the past 30 calendar days); at times, more than one may be requested:

    1. Utility Bill  (Electric, Gas, Phone, TV, etc.)  listing residential address and billing address;
    2. Car Registration, Car Insurance;
    3. Government Benefit Document;
    4. Payroll Stub; or
    5. Other  'official'  documentation as determined acceptable by the District to prove residency.

    Other Documents Needed for Student Registration:

    • Student's Original birth certificate or Passport
    • Residential Parent's Driver's License, Passport, or State Issued I.D.
    • Records Request and Report card from previous school (please note that High School registrants need a transcript of all HS credits from grade 8-12)
    • Copy of IEP or 504 plan  (if applicable)
    • Custody papers  (if applicable)

    Parents are required to fill out the following forms for Registration Online:

          ** Home Language Questionnaires  in Alternate Languages

    Health appraisal and Immunization forms  should be forwarded to the school nurse within 14 days of the child's first day of school and must be completed by a New York State physician.   Please contact your child's school nurse with questions.

    • Orchard Park High School, Michelle Lucidi, RN   Fax 209-6451       mlucidi@opschools.org
    • Orchard Park Middle School, Bailey Bond, RN    Fax 209-6413        bbond@opschools.org
    • Eggert Elementary, Rebecca Banks, RN              Fax 209-6371        rbanks@opschools.org
    • Ellicott Elementary, Melissa Odrzywolski, RN     Fax 209-6203        modrzywolski@opschools.org
    • South Davis Elementary, Allison Bessel, RN        Fax 209-8195        abessel@opschools.org
    • Windom Elementary, Sarah Johnson, RN            Fax 209-6490        sjohnson@opschools.org