If you have moved and are a current resident of Orchard Park please contact the Central Registrar as soon as possible via email    registrar@opschools.org to update your information. 

    This process must be complete in order to change your address for Transportation purposes and may take up to 10 days for bus routes to be changed.

    Your children's school can not help you change the address, this must be completed by the Central Registrar.

    Documentation required for change of address in the District is outlined below. These two documents can be sent via e-mail to    registrar@opschools.org

    1.  Proof of Residency

    1. Deed;
    2. Tax Bill for Residence;
      1. Parent/Guardian’s billing address on tax bill must match residence. Otherwise, parent/guardian must provide additional supporting documentation for proof of residency. See list of additional supporting documentation.
    3. HUD Papers; or
    4. Closing Statement for Residence.
    5. Executed Lease or Rental Agreement (Lease must be up-to-date - an expired lease or an unsigned lease is not a valid   proof of residence)
      1. Lease or Rental Agreement must include Landlord’s name and contact information and must be signed by all parties (i.e. phone number)
      2. If Agreement does not include such information, parent/guardian must provide   Landlord's name and phone number for verification purposes.

    2. Supporting Documentation:     The District will also require one of the options below as verification of Supplemental Residency Documentation (dated within the past 30 calendar days); at times, more than one may be requested:

    1. Utility Bill listing residential address and billing address;
    2. Car Registration;
    3. Government benefit Document;
    4. Payroll Stub; or
    5. Other documentation determined by the District to prove residency.

    Below is a link to the NYS DMV for change of address on driver’s license.  NYS law requires you to update your drivers license address within ten days of the change of your legal address.


    Change in Residency within School District Boundaries

    Any properly enrolled student whose legal residence changes must notify the district immediately. If the change of residence is located within the district but in the attendance zone of a different elementary school of attendance and the student is a K-5 student, the student must attend the elementary school in which they reside.   If the change of residency occurs after the beginning of the school year but within the first semester the student may request to begin the year at the elementary school of future attendance. If the change of residence is within 60 calendar days or less before the end of the school year, the student may request to complete their attendance at the previous elementary school at the discretion of the Superintendent.