• Orchard Park has an online express system for Non-Public School Registration.

    If you have questions regarding Non-Public school Transportation, please call 209-6238 or 209-6415  for more information. 

    If you have questions regarding Registration, please email    Registrar@opschools.org     or call Melissa Brock, Central Registrar and the registration team at 209-6325.

    Proof of Residency is required, please see the   "Documentation Needed to Register"    page for the specific documents needed. 

    To register your child for school:

    1. Click here to begin the online registration process.
    2. We will contact you with further directions on how to proceed. 

    ONLY   a parent or legal guardian can register a student for enrollment in our district.   

    If you are not the parent or legal guardian, you cannot use our online registration process.  You MUST call 209-6325 or email    registrar@opschools.org

    Please note: If you are looking for a CSE evaluation please email -- Polly Belsenich   pbelsenich@opschools.org or call 209-6289   for more information.  

    Nonpublic School Special Education Services

    To begin the process of evaluation please email  pbelsenich@opschools.org  for Polly Belsenich.

    New York State Education Law 3602-c states that if a parent, guardian or legal custodian of a student with a disability wishes to have his or her child receive special education programs and services while enrolled in the nonpublic school, that parent or guardian or legal custodian must file a written request for special education services with the school district of residence on or before June 1 preceding the school year for which such services are requested.

    Click here to access the Orchard Park School District Special Education website for contact information.