2019-20 Operating Budget


    Information regarding the development of the 2019-20 Operating Budget will be posted here. 

    As the information is presented to the Board of Education, it will also be posted below.

    • December 1st – Budget Priorities Planning Workshop (Priorities attached below)
    • January 8th - 4 Year Budget Projection shared with the Board (Projection attached below)
    • February 12th - First Draft of the 2019-20 Budget presented to the Board - Board Meeting Location is the Middle School
    • March 1st - Submission of Tax Levy Calculation Information & District's Calculation of Tax Levy Limit to the State
    • March 12th - Board Meeting - anticipated continued budget discussions - Board Meeting Location is Ellicott Elementary
    • April 2nd - Board Meeting - anticipated Budget Presentation - Board Meeting Location is Eggert Road Elementary
    • April 9th - Target Date for Board Adoption of Budget - Board Meeting Location is the High School
    • April 26th - Deadline for Board Adoption Date
    • May 7th - Budget Hearing - Location District Office 
    • May 21st - Annual Budget Vote and BOE Election - Location High School


    Board Meeting Schedule Link

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