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    During an extended break from school, skills commonly regress.  Just like during the summer months, students often return to school following an extended break having lost some of their academic gains and skills.

    Our dedicated teachers have developed an Instructional Outline for students to aid families in the maintenance of skills during this extended break from school.  We recognize that many parents are under increased stress at this time, and some may be working from home. We also recognize families may be dealing with this illness and assisting loved ones.  We do not expect parents to become their child/children’s full time teacher. Please know we will do our very best to meet your child’s needs when school resumes.  We are, however, offering an Instructional Outline to minimize regression of skills during this extended school closure. 

    Chromebooks at Home 
    Students in grades 6-12 have a district issued Chromebook at home and may continue to access all school resources through their Orchard Park Google account. District owned Chromebooks only allow login credentials from an Orchard Park email account. By signing in to the Chromebook with this account, students will be limited to the same content filtering and restrictions that are in place in school, however we strongly recommend that all students are supervised while using any technology.

    If You Do Not Have Internet Access In Your Home 
    As of Monday, March 16th, any students that do not have internet access at their homes can call 844-488-8398 during the school shutdown for free internet from Spectrum. When you call, select the option for new services. You will be redirected to a service rep. Let them know you are calling about the Remote Student Educational offer. 

    Technical Support at Home
    If any families or staff require technical support during the extended closure, please email technology@opschools.org and a member of our technology department will assist you as soon as possible.


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Suggested Daily Activities

  • All students, regardless of grade/age, can benefit from the following daily activities:

    • Maintain a routine.  Children thrive with daily structure and routines.  Bedtime, chores/household activities, etc. can assist with maintaining a feeling of “normal” during these abnormal times.

    • Read and write daily.  A minimum of 30 minutes of reading for younger students and 60 minutes of reading for middle and high school students is recommended.  This need not be in one extended period.

    • Fresh air and outdoor physical activity.  Playing outside, walking the dog, etc. is valuable for physical and mental health.  

    • Monitor and limit screen time.  There are wonderful educational resources parents and students can access from home, and the Chromebooks distributed for students in grades 6-12 can assist with this.  However, we strongly advise against unfettered access to devices. The news and social media coverage of COVID-19 can increase anxiety and that, in particular, should be limited.