• Math Monday... June 8th

    Monday´s Quick Check (Click the image to print and complete or open in your google classroom to complete using Kami and ¨turn in¨ to Mrs. MacDonald)

    quick check

    Math Mission #35 (Your last one for the year!) Remember if you want to click ¨turn in¨ once completed using Kami, open this from your google classroom instead!

    mission #35 June 8 mission #35 answers

    Monday´s Math Video Lessons #19 A: Decimal Place Value and Ordering, #19 B: Decimal Comparing and Adding (Student Requested Topics)

    math video #19 A   math video #19 B

    Decimal Bump Game (It´s for 5th grade but after watching video #19A the game will be a ¨piece of cake¨) The written directions and printable game board are here as well.

    decimal bump game game directions and board

    Now For Something Extra: A few great math/science read alouds! (not found on the outline or in google classroom) I love these books! I hope you enjoy one or all of them too!

    The Greedy Triangle Read Aloud The Girl With a Mind For Math read aloud  Read aloud from space   read aloud from space

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  • Math Monday... for June 1

    Watch the instructional video, take the quiz, listen to the song and try the games!

    Instructional videos #16 A and #16 B

    math video lesson #16 A   math video lesson #16 B   

    Decimal Quiz and Place Value Song (with decimals)

    decimal quiz   place value song

    Decimal Place Value Games:

    decimal football game  decimal game  decimal place value

    Math Mission #34 (click here to print or go to google classroom and open to complete and ¨turn in¨ using Kami)

    mission 34  answer key #34

    Now for something extra: Game of Hex (not found on the outline or in google classroom)

    Introduction Hex is a two-person game with very few rules but a lot to think about. Students have an opportunity to explore different approaches to see if they can find a winning strategy. Mathematicians have been doing so in the over half a century since its invention and this problem gives students a chance to approach it in the same way mathematicians do. Finding a winning strategy is a key part of gametheory a branch of mathematics often used in areas such as Economics.

    Take turns filling in hexagons in an 11-by-11 grid to connect your sides of the board. The game itself is not hard to learn and it can be a lot of fun for all ages. And why not give the questions a shot? 

    Will you print out several copies of the game board and organize a home tournament? Who in your family will become the Hex champion?

    If you want to play digitally (either with a friend or against the computer) you can do so here: http://www.lutanho.net/play/hex.html or click on the 2nd image below.

    Click the 1st image below for directions and gameboards.

    Game of Hex online version

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  • Math Monday... for May 18

    Watch the instructional video, take the quiz, listen to the song and try the game!

    math video 10

    (Do not forget to watch Tuesday and Wednesday´s instructional videos when they pop up in your google classroom or click on them in the outline)

    angles quiz   triangle song triangle game

    Math Mission #32 click here to view and print or go to google classroom to complete and turn in using Kami

    mission 32 answer key #32

    Extra Fun Activity (not found on the outline or in google classroom): Make a patriotic pinwheel! Click on the pinwheel and the second image for templates and image 3 for the directions!

    pinwheel  pinwheel pattern directions

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  • Math Monday... for May 11

    Warm up fraction matching activity click the game below

    matching game

    Watch Fraction video #6 to review how to add and subtract mixed numbers from last week!

    math video 6

    No need to do all the pages at once, click below to print or go to google classroom to use Kami and ¨turn it in¨

    mission 32   mission 31 answers

    Extra Activity: Can you figure out the value of each fruit and the total at the end of each puzzle? Click below to print out. (Don´t forget to revisit last week´s Thinking Thursday to play Fraction War, this time you can even try creating improper fractions!)

    fruit challenge  fruit puzzle 2

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  • Math Monday... for May 4th May 4

    Last week we multiplied whole numbers by fractions and changed improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. This week we will add and subtract mixed numbers and review comparing fractions.

    Adding Mixed Numbers Video Lesson

    adding mixed numbers

    Subtracting Mixed Numbers Video Lesson

    subtract mixed numbers

    Another video about mixed numbers is scheduled for Wednesday!

    to find your Math Mission in google classroom click below  

    mission 30 mission #30 answers

    to print out and work on it, click below for the pdf version

    mission 30 pdf  

    Comparing fractions video lesson scheduled for Tuesday on the outline, click the image below to view.

    comparing factions video lesson

    Comparing fractions practice click each image below.

    compare fractions game compare fraction practice  

    Additional math activities below are not found on the outline click the images below to begin.

    star wars logic puzzle Boba Fett   Ewok

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  • Math Monday...April 27

    Click on the image below to review types of lines (this will help you answer a question on page 2 of this week's math mission!)

    types of lines song

    click below to see math mission in google classroom

    mission 29  answer key mission 29

    pdf version of math mission to print out

    pdf version

    click below to work on this logic puzzle in google classroom

    arbor day logic puzzle

    pdf version of the logic puzzle, click below

    pdf version

    Click on the images below to view Fraction Video Lesson 1-3 (This is on the weekly outline under Tuesday, Thrusday and Friday but you can watch them any day!)

    Fraction Video Lesson #1 click image below to view

    fraction video lesson 1

    Fraction Video Lesson #2 click image below to view

    fraction video lesson 2

    Fraction Video Lesson #3 click image below to view

    video lesson 3

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  • Math Monday... April 20

    (you can open it from here to print or go to your google classroom and work on it using Kami) The answer key will be available on Friday. The Pet Logic Puzzles can also be found in your google classroom, if you want to try them from there instead!The dog and cat riddle math pages are just for you to click and print. (If you want me to put them in google classroom, just email me and I will!)

    math mission 28  Pet Logic Puzzle  Challenge puzzle dog cat riddles

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  • Math Monday... April 13th

    explanation video

    Leo the Rabbit is climbing up a flight of 10 steps. Leo can only hop up 1 or 2 steps each time he hops. He never hops down, only up. How many different ways can Leo hop up the flight of 10 steps? Provide evidence to justify your thinking.

    **Before you try the angle questions on the math mission, Click right here to watch: How to use a protractor to measure angles instructional video

    Math mission #27  mission 27 answers

    Click below to explore angles, play angle games, and listen to another angle song (with dancing cats!)

    protractor exploration  angle game  Alien Angle Game  angle song

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  • Math Monday... April 6th

    Mission #26 includes review on angles and factors so below you will find songs and games to help you practice and review. Try the Rainbow Tangrams and Math Cards for fun too!

     Math Mission 26  Answer Key

    Angles Song angle game  angle game 2

    factors game factor game prime number song

    Rainbow Tangrams  math cards

    Math Cards

    Many parents use ‘flash cards’ as a way of encouraging the learning of math facts. These usually include 2 unhelpful practices – memorization without understanding and time pressure. In our Math Cards activity we have used the structure of cards, which children like, but we have moved the emphasis to number sense and the understanding of multiplication without any time constraints.

    Task Instructions

    1. The aim of the activity is to match cards with the same numerical answer, shown through different representations.
    2. Lay all the cards down on a table and ask children to take turns picking them; pick as many as they find with the same answer (shown through any representation).

    For example 9 and 4 can be shown with an area model, sets of objects such as dominoes, and the number sentence. When students match the cards they should explain how they know that the different cards are equivalent.  This activity encourages an understanding of multiplication as well as rehearsal of math facts. Click here to watch a short video demonstration.

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  • Math Monday...March 30th

    Spend 15-20 min. on REFLEX every day! Some time this week you may want to review pages 11-20 in the math notebook posted under "MacDonald Math", try the attached review games, math mission pages 1-4, and challenge question below!  

     math mission 25   mission 25 answers quick division video    vertical area model division review game   divide with remainders video   division with R game    

     fraction addition game adding fractions video   adding fractions game   

    Watch this short video to review how to add fractions with like demoninators!

    This Week's Challenge Questions: (Solutions will be posted on Friday)

    1. Brianna raised $12 for the food bank last year and she raised 6 times as much money this year. How much money did she raise this year?  Brianna raised $72 beacause 12 x 6 = 72 Bri's tape diagram
    2. Emma raised $15 for the PTO and Enora raised $45. How many times as much money did Enora raise as compared to Emma? Enora raised 3 times the amount of money as Emma. 45 / 15 = 3 or 45 = 15 x ?  Enora's tape diagram
    3. John raised $45 for the animal shelter, which was 3 times as much money as Thomas raised. How much money did Thomas raise? Thomas raised $15 because 15 = 45 / 3 or 45 = 3 x ? Thomas' tape diagram


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  • Math Monday...March 23rd

    Some time this week you may want to review pages 1-10 in the math notebook posted under "MacDonald Math", try the attached review game, math mission pages 1,2, puzzle and challenge question!

    Climbing Chimney Rock

    (math review game)

    math game 1  math mission 24 answer key

    Answer Key for Math Mission #24 click here!

    video game puzzle

    Did you get 176 for the ? above

    This Week's Challenge Question:

    A fruit farmer sold 198 kilograms of apples on the first day. On the second day, she sold 24 kilograms more than she sold on the first day. On the third day, she sold 12 kilograms less than she sold on the second day. On the fourth day, she sold 29 kilograms more than on the third day. How many kilograms of apples did the farmer sell all 4 days together?

    (I will post a way the problem can be solved at the end of the week so you can compare your work!)


    Day#1 = 198 kg

    Day #2 = 198 + 24 = 222 kg

    Day #3 = 222 - 12 = 210 kg

    Day #4 = 210 + 29 = 239 kg

    total kg = 198+222+210+239 =

    869 total kg of apples sold

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