• Thinking Thursday... June 11th 

    Google meet for a live Geometry Bingo Game with you class at 9:00 a.m. Click the image below for more information (the link to join is on slide 4)

    geo bingo reminder

    Thursday´s Math Quick Check: (click here to print or open in google classroom to complete using Kami to¨turn in¨)

    quick check

    I love this site! Some of my personal favorites include: Outrageous Ooze, Go With the Flow, Roto-Copter, and Geodesic Gumdrops! Take some time to look over each one and perhaps make a schedule for yourself and plan for one project/experiment each week that you are home for summer! Click the first image for the projects and experiments and click the second image to create your own schedule. Or you can find both in your google classroom, which means you can type on your schedule if you would like.

    Fun science/math projects science schedule

    If you did not get a chance to listen to these books on Monday... here they are again! The last 2 books are read from SPACE!

    The Greedy Triangle The Girl With a Mind for Math  Rosie Revere, Engineer Notable Notebooks  

    Parents and Students: For those of you who are interested, here is a free math workbook if you are looking for more practice and review activity sheets to use at your leisure. It is 184 pages! You will have to scroll down to page 45 to find the first student practice page!

    free math workbook

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  • Thinking Thursday... for June 4

    Think about which of the 36 out of 40 geometry terms you want to write on your bingo board (click below to print bingo board and geometry terms with definitions)

    bingo video

    Geometry Bingo board geometry terms  study words here

    Think some more about adding and subtracting decimal numbers

    add subtract decimals song   add decimals soccer game add subtract decimals game  

    Now think about Comparing Decimals with the instructional video, song, games, and quiz below

    comparing decimals video Compare decimals song

     compare decimals game  compare decimals game  compare decimals quiz

    Now accepting student requests for next week´s math videos! Click below or go in through google classroom to select a math topic you would like reviewed or you just need some more clarification on a certain topic. Your request must be submitted by Saturday in order to be considered.

    student request for math videos  

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  • Thinking Thursday... for May 28

    Make sure you watch the video lessons #14 and #15 to learn how some fractions can be written as decimals and how to write some decimals as fractions.

    math video 14   math video 15

    Practice your skills with the games below:

    fruit splat game   puppy chase game

    Make sure to also watch the Music Video and Review Video below:

    decimal music video  review video

    In case you did not see this on the outline or in google classroom (the last 2 pages of Math Mission #33 are all about the videos and games posted here, give the practice pages a try). ** Remember in order to turn your work in using Kami you must open it from your google classroom! You can click here to print it out, if you click Kami here, it will work but you will not see a ¨turn in¨ button. You would download it to your chromebook then attach it to an email to Mrs. MacDonald.

    math mission 33

    Now it is time for something extra and theme related (not on the outline or in google classrrom)

    What is Outside Your Window

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  • Thinking Thursday... for May 21

    Try these 3 polygon games and listen to the quadrilateral song!

    polygon game shape matching game shape classification game

    quadrilateral song   

    Now try these fun games to collect bio rods and save the future!

    symmetry puzzle games   angles game

    Extra Fun Patriotic Acitivities (not found in google classroom or on the outline) click on each image to get the ¨how to¨ directions to make each one!

    bald eagle craft   windsock craft   cootie catcher

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  • Thinking Thursday... for May 14th

    Are you in the mood for a healthy snack? Click on one of the recipe books below and try making yourself one!

    healthy recipes  recipe book

     Have you tried this game yet? It has been posted before, but here it is again! Click below to watch the video, on the left and the directions on the right.

    math game video  game directions

    Click here if you would like to print out graph paper to play the game

    Thurday´s Math Work from the outline with an extra game and song:

    protractor video protractor exploration protractor game angle game funny angle song

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  • Thinking Thursday... for May 7

    If you are in Ms. Kelly/Mrs. Tundo´s class click the links below to practice adding and subtracting mixed numbers (the links on the outline were only attached to MacDonald google classroom by mistake)

    1. easy adding and subtracting mixed numbers practice click here

    2. Fraction Video #5 link: click here

    Another video on how to subtract mixed numbers click image below

    subtract mixed numbers

    3. subtracting mixed numbers that requires regrouping practice click here


    If you liked Monday's Star Wars logic puzzle, click below to try this one next!

    star wars logic 2

    Did you have a chance to play Fraction War with a family member yet? If not click here for a video demonstation and your own deck of virtual playing cards.

    Fraction War video deck of cards

    Try to read, think, and follow these cool directions to build your own Millennium Falcon from paper plates! You will start by drawing perpendicular line on the back of a paper plate! Or try making a Darth Vader bookmark, see the beautiful right angle of every book page! Click the images below to get started!

    Millennium Falcon  darth bookmark

    Crearte some of your favorite Star Wars pictures by completing these basic multiplication and division facts!

     Tie Fighter  baby yoda  Obi Wan

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  • April 30th Thinking Thursday... bam

    Did you have a change to play Monday's math game? If not, try it today! See the directions and video demonstration below.

    Oh No 99! Game Directions

    Click the image below to see a demonstration of how to play the game.

    Oh No 99! math game


    Create your own Superhero math story problem. Click on a blank slide and begin. If all the slides are already filled in by your classmates, just click the + button (top left when you are in google slides) to add a new slide for yourself!

    superhero slideshow

    cliick the pdf below to print (this is not on the outline, it is an extra activity)

    Hint: Computer Programmers treat a space between words as a character. This means that a space will take up a square and that square will remain empty. 

    superhero pow

    superhero word puzzle

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  • Thinking Thursday...

    (here are some additional activities that are not on the weekly outline)

    Click the game board below to print out and play! Click the math fact riddles sheets to print for extra practice.

    fraction game  multiplication riddle cat riddle  

    Look for: Create funny captions! assignment in your google classroom. There are 8 cute or goofy pet photos for you to caption.

     create pet captions

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  • Thinking Thursday... April 13th 

    (these are additional activities not on the instructional outline) 

    word logic puzzle  sudoku puzzle  answer key

    Click each to enlarge and print out to play!

    Adding Fractions game

    multiplication game

    Click here for graph paper to use for the game!

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  • Thinking Thursday...April 6th

    (these are additional activities not on the instructional outline) Rainbow and Easter/Spring Theme: barnyard word logic, math Easter logic puzzle and Hexadecimal color codes for rainbow and Easter eggs

    Can you believe Easter is this Sunday? I will post the answers to this puzzle on Friday so come back and check to see if you were able to solve it!

    Happy Easter puzzle

    jellybeans = 2

    Easter egg = 2

    bunny = 1

    flower = 7

    ? = 15

    Did you solve it correctly?

    Barnyard word logic  

    Rainbow coloring  Easter Egg coloring

     The colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) are an easy way to introduce common hexadecimal colors to young kid coders. This activity helps connect the hexadecimal code to a well known pattern, which helps to relate technology to a knowledge that is already known. 


    Hexadecimal color codes, or “hex” color codes, are how the colors we see in the world around us are translated into coding applications for use on websites. Hexadecimal color values are colors that are supported in all web browsers. Every website you visit uses hex color codes! 

    A hexadecimal color is specified with #RRGGBB. RR (red), GG (green), and BB (blue) are hexadecimal integers between 00 and FF that identify the intensity of the color. For example, the color aqua is #00FFFF in hexadecimal code. The hexadecimal code for aqua shows that there is 00 red used to make aqua while there is the highest intensity of blue and green used (FFFF). 

    Hexadecimal colors are defined by a mix of red, green, and blue. This is called the RGB color system, which consists of colors made from mixing red, green, and blue. The RGB color system is also referred to as an “additive” system because it starts with black and color is added. Each color has 256 levels of intensity, which means that there are over 16 million hex color codes to choose from! 


    The Hexadecimal Rainbow worksheet should be printed in color because you’ll need to reference the hex code color key for this activity. Pick out markers, pencil crayons or crayons that match as closely as possible to the color legend on the coloring sheet. Find the hex code you want to start with in the color key. Next, match the hexadecimal code in the rainbow. Fill the correct sections in with the matching color listed in the color key.

    The Easter Egg sheets do not need to be printed in color, but the hexadecimal color coding key (page 3) should be printed in color – you’ll need to reference the hex code key for this activity. 1. Pick out markers, pencil crayons or crayons that match as closely as possible to the color legend on the coloring sheet. 2. Find the hex code you want to start with on the color key page. Next, match the hexadecimal code to the digit used to represent it in the Easter egg. Fill the correct sections in with the matching color listed in the color key. 3. We enjoy coloring one hex color code at a time before moving on to the next. This is a great way to introduce a simple algorithm or a series of steps for completing an activity.

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  • Thinking Thursday...March 30th

    (these are additional activities not on the instructional outline) Animal Theme: animal word logic, animal reading passage with questions, collection of animal articles, math pet logic puzzle and animal rescue fraction game

     animal word logic

    Animal Rescue Expert  animal articles      pet logic puzzle math   fraction game Animal Rescue

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  • Thinking Thursday... March 23rd

    Click on the image below to read: What Causes the Seasons to Change? and answer the attached questions in a journal or print them out if you are able. Watch the Brainpop video on Seasons and try the quiz too! (login with Clever)

    What causes the seasons    brainpop video

    Reading Passage Answer Key

    ...and try this Spring math area model puzzle!

    spring area model

    Answers: snail = 20, flower = 10, butterfly = 2, seedling = 20, sun = 1, flower pot = 20 (partial products: 200+20+20+2 = 242 )

     How to Solve the Spring Logic Word Puzzle below: The best way to begin is to look for a word length that has only 1 word. Why? If there is only 1 word of any length left, then it is the only possible answer for the space. Once you know some letters in the grid, then you can count how many letters long each space is (how many blocks) and compare it to the words remaining using the letters filled in from the previous word. Go slowly and think through your puzzle. Use a pencil! Some of the clues will not be helpful right away. (click image below to enlarge and/or print)

    logic word puzzle

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