• Fantastic Friday... June 12

    Log in to Brainpop and watch about Nikolas Tesla. He is an inventor and engineer who made many contributions toward electricity.

    Click on the picture below:


    After you watch the video,  check out the Related Reading . You can find out about the differences that Tesla had with Thomas Edison. Click on the picture below:

    Tesla Edison


    Now, watch about Nikolas Telsa and his activities in Niagara Falls. Click on the picture below.

    impossible engineering

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  • Fantastic Friday... June 5

    Amy Ludwig Vanderwater is a terrific poet and a good friend of South Davis. The Poem Farm is her website where students can explore poems. Next week on Try it Tuesday, we’ll explore illustrating covers for your favorite book. One thing Amy Ludwig Vanderwater speaks about in The Poem Farm on her May 1 entry, is how books can inspire poems. Click on the poem below to visit The Poem Farm.


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  • Fantastic Friday... for May 29

    Take a tour....

    Here are some pictures Ms. Kelly took at our state capital in Albany.


     Albany 2

    Albany 3

    Mr. Borrello is a NY State Senator. He does not represent our area. He represents the Chautauqua area. However, he just came out with an AWESOME video about our State Capital. Click below to take a virtual tour of the New York State Captial:

    Virtual NYS Capital Tour video

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  • Fantastic Friday... May 22

    Click on the picture below to read an article from Storyworks and think about what makes an object valuable:


    Now click on the picture (below the previous article) to read about Lauren and the “priceless” gift she received from her grandmother:


    In your journal make a list of your five favorite toys and what you guess they might sell for 50 years from now. Based on the articles, think about what could make them worth a lot of money—or not.

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  • Fantastic Friday... for May 15

     Challenge at Home:Try one of these challenges. Both require few/easy to find materials.



    If you have 6 sheets of paper (lined or construction paper) and twenty inches of tape (scotch, masking or duct tape)

    See if you can build something with your paper and tape that will hold a hard covered book 5 inches above the table.


    Adapted from: Team Challenges by Kris Bordessa


    1 Old magazine

    12 inches of masking tape

    Ruler (for measuring only)

    Time yourself for three minutes. You have that time to build a freestanding structure as tall as possible.

    At the end of three minutes, measure your structure.

    Give yourself  2 points for every six inches of height.

    Send Ms.Kelly the picture if you try of these...Best of luck!

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  • Fantastic Friday... for May 8

    Ms.Kelly/Mrs. Tundoś class click here for the link to the math practice pages from the outline (once again it was only linked to the MacDonald class by mistake)

    music and fractions

     Read about teenager Wolf Cukier who used his summer internship at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to discover a new planet!

    Click on the picture below to learn his cool story:


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  • May 1, Fantastic Friday...

    Environment, Stem Challenge

    1. Celebrate Earth Day by reading Time for Kids about some Superheros that are your age!

    Click on the picture of Ryan below to meet some kids who are helping the Earth.


    2Do you have Legos at home? If so, here are tons of ideas! Visit the 100+Lego Building Project for Kids website to check them out. You might even find some Superheros! Just click on the picture below.


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  • Fantastic Friday...

    Did you know that dogs understand facial expressions? Check out Time for Kids and What Up Dog to read about how scientists study dogs and what else they have learned. Click on the dog picture below:

    dog brain

    Now, read the paired text: The Future of Zoos. Maybe you could have have a discussion with your family at dinner: Should zoos exist?

    Click on the picture below:


    Her is an article for dog lovers, Scholastic At Home presents The Amazing History of Dogs.


    Want to color a pet trutle? There's one down a the bottom of the page. Print it out!


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  • Fantastic Friday... April 13th 

    Community: Mindfulness Kindness

    Click on the picture below to read an interview with Caryl M. Stern about how to handle hurtful comments.

    Show Respect Model Kindness

    Clcik on the picture below:


    Now, read Share Your Feelings to find out what you can do if you are worried about what you hear in the news. Clcik on the picture to read:


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  • Fantastic Friday... April 6th

    Maker Spaces Science and Creativity

    Read about Maker Spaces-areas that encourage kids to build, create and innovate. Click on the picture below:

    creativity 1

    Now, read about 9 year old, Caine Monroy, who created his own homemade games and had something interesting happen.

    Click on the picture below:

    creativity 2

    In your journal, think of something interesting you can create. What need does it fill? What items would you need to create it? How much would ot cost? How much time would it take to make? Would you be able to make it yourself? If not, who would you need to help?



    Here is a Zentangle for you to color. Click the image to print out!

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  • Fantastic Friday... March 30th 

    Time for Kids!!!!

    1. Careers-Books

      Are you interested in being a writer when you get older? Do you like comics?

    Read about authors Raina Telgemeier (Smile) and Jerry Craft (New Kid) as they talk about how comics they had when they were younger influenced the graphic novels they are famous for today.

    Click on the image to read the article:

    Comic Craze                 and     8 Questions for Jerry Kraft

    comics                        kraft

    2. Environment

    What is a Pika? How can we protect them?

    Read about Wildlife Crossings and why they are so successful with drivers and animals.


    If you'd like to color a peacock, go down to Related Files to print one out.


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  • Fantastic Friday...March 23rd

    Engineering: A Better Brush

    Visit Scholastic by clicking the images below to read about someone whose everyday life inspired her to invent something useful. Then, watch the video: Inventions from Nature to learn how adaptations of plants and animals have inspired different inventions

    .cat   Inventions


    Life Science: Creature Close Up

    Do you have an interest in photography? Does working with animals interest you?

    Check out this article about photographer Joel Sartore who travels the world to take pictures of endangered animals. Look at the “Words to Know” section. Some of those words are (hopefully) familiar to you.

    Creature  shark    

    Click on the shark picture if you would like to print it out to color.

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