Return to In-Person Instruction 12-14

  • We are very eager to welcome our students back into our school buildings this coming Monday, December 14th.  We look forward to continuing  quality in-person instruction before our winter recess.  Without knowing where our area’s COVID-19 numbers will be in the future, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity we have to provide in-person instruction for our students.

    In order to return to school while in an orange zone,  New York State requires districts to test 20% of staff and students who are in our buildings each month.  Last week Governor Cuomo loosened the regulations from having to test 100% of the population in schools to testing 20% per month while we remain in an orange zone.  This is more feasible for the District to accomplish and has allowed us the ability to return to in-person learning.  To help accomplish the required testing, the District will be working with our community-based nursing partner, Aveanna Healthcare, to begin on-site testing for students and staff beginning on Monday, December 14th. 

    We realize that many parents have questions about exactly how the testing process is going to work.  We have put together an FAQ document to answer many of the most common questions the district and our buildings have been receiving.  See the FAQ document below.


    The District has also created a test demonstration for our families to watch to become familiar with the ease of the test and exactly how it will be administered. 

OPCSD BinaxNOW COVID -19 Rapid Test Demonstration

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.