Inclement Weather Asynchronous Assignments

  • Snowman For 2021-2022, we will return to traditional inclement weather days, in the case that they are needed. This decision is based upon three key factors: 

    • Not operating within a hybrid world in grades 4-12 this year where we have a routine and rhythm established for virtual learning. 
    • The value we place on in-person instruction. 
    • We understand the need to secure childcare on inclement weather days can be stressful for our working families, and do not want to place an additional burden on them and our students. 

    With this in mind, we will not be expecting our children to “log in” and complete virtual learning on inclement weather days. If there comes a point during the school year where we are below the minimum annual attendance threshold established by the New York State Education Department, we may need to revisit this decision and will share any change to the above plan with families in advance.