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    Foundations of Mental Health amid Recovery from a Pandemic 
    Wednesday, September 29 at 7:00 PM 
    During this presentation, the three OPHS social workers – Amy Klube, Charles Kron and Amanda Mohler – closely examined the powerful effects of circadian rhythm dysregulation on physical and mental health, nutrition, exercise and community. Watch this recording to learn immediate, actionable, stigma-free and highly effective strategies to improve mental health, well-being, social connections and ultimately learning. 

  • Raising Digital Leaders 
    Wednesday, October 6 at 7:00 PM 
    Jennifer Casa-Todd, an author, speaker and teacher-librarian from the Greater Toronto Area, delivered a guest presentation on proactive and research-based strategies to help parents balance technology usage, keep children safe online, and support their children's use of technology and social media for creating a positive influence. To learn more about the presentation as well as the book by the same title, please visit: 

  • In-Person Screenings of LIKE 
    October 25-28 at 7:00 PM 
    OPMS Auditorium  
    LIKE is an original iNDIEFLIX documentary that explores the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain. According to the filmmakers, 2 billion smartphone owners were checking their phones, on average, 150 times a day prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research continues to confirm that having one's head down, staring at the screen, chasing "likes" and seeking "followers" can lead to low self-esteem, isolation and depression, as well as loss of focus and patience. 

  • Helping Our Kids with Grief 
    Wednesday, November 3 at 7:00 PM 
    OPMS Auditorium 
    Ms. Day Cummings, LCSW, RN, a Buffalo-based certified bereavement counselor, provided a review of how children and teenagers grieve at different ages. She offered parents and guardians practical tips for helping children and teenagers express themselves and adjust to their loss of a family member, friend, or pet.