• Chromebook and iPad Self-Insured Program

    The Orchard Park Technology Department is pleased to announce they will be offering in-house repairs at a lower cost to families than the previous insurance model.  They will no longer be offering 3rd party Chromebook and iPad insurance with Worth Ave Group. 

    The majority of Chromebook and iPad repairs that we encounter are the result of normal wear and tear, and are repairable by our team of technicians. In these situations, no repair fee will be charged to families.

    With this new model, parents will only be charged the in-house repair fee when a repair is needed due to accidental damage. The in-house repair fee is lower than the previous cost of insurance and is only assessed when there is accidental damage.

    Normal Wear and Tear

    resulting in Chromebook or iPad malfunction due to normal wear and tear

    Accidental Damage

    resulting in cracked screens or other malfunctions due to mis-use and/or neglect, as determined by the District

    No charge applies

    Repair fee applies, see table below



    Chromebook or iPad Accidental Damage Repair per incident


    Lost Chromebook or iPad Charger Replacement


    Lost Calculator Charger Replacement


    Students are responsible for the device(s) issued to them and are asked to treat them with appropriate care as expected for all school property. A one year manufacturer warranty protects the Chromebook or iPad from manufacturer defects.. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, loss or accidents.

    Intentional Damage and Negligence

    There may be rare instances where a malfunction with a student Chromebook or iPad falls outside the normal repair scenario. As outlined in Board Policy 8340, a Chromebook, iPad or any of the associated accessories that are lost, negligently cared for, intentionally damaged (including cosmetic damage), becomes the financial responsibility of the student and parent involved in the loss of property, up to the device value of $290.

    Replacement Fee


    Chromebook or iPad:

    Lost / Stolen / Unreturned / Intentional Damage


    Calculators (Grades 9-12 only):

    Lost / Stolen / Unreturned / Intentional Damage


    Please email technology@opschools.org if you have any questions about student Chromebooks, iPads or graphing calculators.


  • Chromebook and iPad Frequently Asked Questions

    Do the Chromebooks or iPads have cases?
    The District issues a ruggedized Chromebook or iPad cover in grades K-8

    Where are the Chromebooks or iPads stored?
    When students are not monitoring their Chromebook or iPad, they should be stored in their lockers with the locker securely locked.  Nothing should be placed on top of the Chromebook or iPad when stored in the locker.  Students in grades 3-12 need to take their device home with them every night.  The Chromebook or iPad should be charged fully each night at the student’s home.  Chromebooks or iPads should never be stored in a vehicle.  

    Can I bring a Chromebook or iPad to extra-curricular events?
    Students are responsible for securely storing their Chromebooks or iPads during extra-curricular events.

    What if I leave my Chromebook or iPad somewhere in the school?
    Under no circumstances should a Chromebook or iPad be stored in unsupervised areas.  Unsupervised areas include the school grounds, the cafeteria, unlocked classrooms, library, locker rooms, hallways, bathrooms, extra-curricular bus, in a car, or any other entity that is not securely locked or in which there is not supervision.  Any Chromebook or iPad left in these areas is in danger of being stolen.  If a Chromebook or iPad is found in an unsupervised area, it will be taken to the Library Media Center or the main office and may result in disciplinary action. During gym classes, students are encouraged to store their Chromebook or iPad in either the gym locker provided by the school district or in their student locker.

    What if I lose or intentionally damage my Chromebook, iPad or charger?
    A Chromebook, iPad or any of its accessories that are lost (whereabouts unknown) or intentionally damaged is the responsibility of the student and parent involved in the loss of property.  The user will be given a standard Chromebook or iPad that does not have touch capability to use until the replacement cost of the lost/damaged device or accessory is paid to the school.  

    What if another student damages my student’s device?
    In such cases, circumstances will be investigated on a case-by-case basis.  School administration may be involved if it is suspected to be an intentional act or act of vandalism.

    What should I do if a Chromebook or iPad is not functioning properly?
    Damaged or non-functioning devices should be reported to technology@opschools.org so a repair can be started.  District Technology staff members can repair many problems in-house.  A loaner device will be issued to students.  If repair is needed due to malicious damage, the school may refuse to provide a loaner until the cost of the damage has been reimbursed to the school.

    Can I personalize the Chromebook or iPad with stickers?
    Chromebooks and iPads must remain free of any decorative writing, drawing, stickers, paint, tape, or labels that are not the property of Orchard Park Central Schools.  Spot check for compliance will be done by administration of OPCSD at any time.

  • Student Expectations for Chromebook and iPad Use

    • I will take good care of my Chromebook or iPad and know that I will be issued the same Chromebook or iPad each year.
    • I will install the District issued Chromebook or iPad cover on my device (as issued) and leave it on the Chromebook at all times
    • I will never leave my Chromebook or iPad unattended in an unsecured or unsupervised location.
    • I will never loan out my Chromebook or iPad to other individuals.
    • I will know where my Chromebook or iPad is at all times.
    • I will charge my Chromebook's or iPad’s battery to full capacity each night.
    • I will keep food and beverages away from my Chromebook or iPad since they may cause damage to the device.
    • I will not disassemble any part of my Chromebook or iPad, or attempt any repairs.
    • I will protect my Chromebook or iPad by always carrying it in a secure manner to avoid damage.
    • I will not leave my Chromebook or iPad in a vehicle as the heat and cold can damage and/or ruin the device.
    • I will use my Chromebook or iPad in ways that are appropriate for education.
    • I will not place decorations (stickers, markers, writing, etc.) on the Chromebook or iPad.
    • I understand that the Chromebook or iPad I am issued is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains the -property of the Orchard Park Central School District.
    • I will follow the policies outlined in the District Acceptable Use Policy while at school as well as outside the school day.
    • I will file a police report in case of theft or damage caused by fire.
    • I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse.
    • I agree to pay the full replacement cost of my Chromebook or iPad, power cord/charger, in the event that any of these items are lost or intentionally damaged.
    • I agree to return the Chromebook or iPad, power cord/charger in good working condition at the end of each school year.