2022-2023 Parent Information Series

Up Next: Talking To Children About Tragedy

  • Dr. Amanda NickersonThe 2022-2023 Parent Information Series continues with a presentation by Dr. Amanda Nickerson called Talking to Children About Tragedy.

    Given recent violent and tragic events in our community and the nation, parents often grapple with how to discuss these issues with their children. In this presentation, Dr. Amanda Nickerson, professor of school psychology and director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention at the University at Buffalo, will provide tips and best practices for adults to talk with children about these topics.  Representatives from the Orchard Park School District will be onsite and available to answer questions about how our schools approach these conversations with students.

    The presentation will be held on November 15 at 7 p.m. in the Orchard Park High School auditorium.  There is no registration required to attend this in-person event.

    Dr. Amanda Nickerson is a professor of school psychology and director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York. Her research focuses on school crisis prevention and intervention with an emphasis on school violence and bullying and the critical role of family, peers, and schools in preventing violence and building the social-emotional strengths of youth.  

    The Parent Information Series will continue in January with Anxious Children In School, presented by Kimberly Morrow.


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Executive Functioning Presentation

  • The Orchard Park Central School District will kick off the 2022-2023 Parent Information Series with a virtual presentation: Executive Functioning given by, Dr. Peg Dawson, co-author of the books Smart but Scattered and Smart but Scattered Teens.  

    Executive skills are critical to the acquisition of academic skills, but, more importantly, they are the skills students need to get things done. They are brain-based skills such as task initiation, sustained attention, working memory, planning, organization, and goal-directed persistence that are critical to school success. Some students seem to acquire them naturally, but many students struggle with them. Dr. Peg Dawson will describe how these skills develop throughout childhood and suggest strategies parents can use to help children acquire the critical skills they need to be successful students.

    Dr. Dawson will be virtually presented to parents and community members in Orchard Park on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 7 p.m.  A link to the recorded presentation is below.

    Peg Dawson, Ed.D., is a school psychologist with an expertise in the assessment of learning and attention disorders.  She is the co-author of numerous books on executive skills, including Smart but Scattered and Smart but Scattered Teens, is a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists and a recipient of NASP’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Link to recorded presentation

    Link to presentation slides

Executive Function Presentation