• What is RtI?
    ‘Response to Intervention’ (RtI) is a program developed to support academically struggling learners.  It is an evaluation system which helps identify key learning skill deficits of individual learners. RtI enables educators to provide early proactive intervention, using specific supplemental support to benefit those students who experience academic difficulties.

    RtI Procedures

    Orchard Park Central Schools evaluate our students in Kindergarten through fifth grade to identify their academic skills and abilities in order to determine the appropriate level of intervention needed to help our students. All students are screened in reading, known as a Universal Screening Tool, three times per year.  This data, coupled with other assessment measures (reading running records, NYS test data, etc.) informs our determination of a students proficiency level and whether or not a student is meeting grade level and learning standard expectations.  Similar assessments occur in mathematics.

    The district utilizes a three-tiered intervention approach with support levels increased as needed. Once the intervention level is determined, support is initiated within the content area, such as reading or mathematics.  Our educators frequently monitor student academic progress, and adjust instruction or intervention frequency as needed.  As its title implies, the programming is responsive to the effect of the intervention.  The goal is for students to be academically successful without the need for supplemental intervention support.

    RtI Benefits
    Students benefit from a program that encompasses a continual evaluation of their academic progress. RtI is designed to provide a greater level of individual support as their needs require, with the ultimate goal of having the child no longer need supplemental intervention support.





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