About the Board of Education

  • The Board of Education is elected by District voters to govern schools and determine educational policies. Technically, Board members are Local Officials, their authority and duties are defined by the state and federal constitutions and laws as well as by rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Regents and commissioner of education, and other regulatory agencies. Terms are for three years. Board candidates run at-large instead of for a specific seat. 

    Members of the Board of Education are volunteers. They receive no salary for their work.  They do not have the day-to-day duties of running a school district, rather their role is oversight and setting policy; the superintendent is responsible for all aspects of the district and he/she reports to the Board.  


    1. District resident at least one year before Annual Meeting.
    2. District resident at At least 18 years old.
    3. United States citizen.
    4. Able to read and write.



    Executive Officer

    Superintendent of Schools


    Agendas are posted on the district web site the day prior to meeting date.   District residents may call the district clerk at 209-6280 or school information office at 209-6222, for a listing of agenda items and for specific meeting locations.   

    Public Comment

    Time is allotted for public comment during Board meetings.


    Announcements are made each spring when Board of Education seats are up for re-election. Residents may then pick up petitions for Board candidacy from the district clerk’s office at the Baker Building. The number of petition signatures required by law is announced at that time. Each signer must be an eligible resident in the school district.

    Board of Education Mission Statement 

    To serve the students and citizens of the Orchard Park Central School District, the Board of Education provides direction and leadership to create an atmosphere of excellence and accountability for both the present and future so that all students can reach their full potential to live a life capably, responsibly and fully. 

    Board of Education Guiding Statement

    The Orchard Park Board of Education will proactively govern, with multi-year focus and fiscal responsibility, to support innovation and uphold the mission and vision of the District. 

    Board of Education Goals

     1. Support the District's commitment to increasing awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion to promote cultural competence in a positive learning community.

     2. Continue to support District efforts to provide safe and effective instructional models for all students and staff while adhering to public health guidelines related to COVID-19.

     3. Execute a superintendent search to hire an effective leader who will foster a culture of excellence that builds on partnerships with families, staff, and community to enable all students to achieve their fullest potential.