Political Parties and Electoral Process

  • Test will be 30 Multiple Choice and 1 FRQ (see below for practice). After school review (I will answer your questions-not reteach so be prepared) on Tues 10-18 at 2:05 pm.
    Study for test:
    Text Chapters 7 pp.178-179
    Chapter 8 (all)
    Chapter 12 pp. 307-315
    See left hand links-AP Gov website for FRQ help.  FRQ's to practice with:

    2013 #2 pol parties

    2010-#3 party shifts in support

    2011 #3-nominations

    2005-#4 camp finance


    1999-#1 cand campaigns


    See left hand links-Textbook resources which has chapter summaries and practice questions
    Print all PDF's for extra review info and MSWord doc on Elections Review and Unit 1 Review (see below)

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