Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP)

  • The Orchard Park Central School District embarked on their first Comprehensive District Educational Plan (CDEP) in 2010.  The CDEP committee included three subgroups who actively met over the course of 14 months. The groups comprised a large cross section of the constituent groups of the district, including Board of Education members, parents, high school students, teachers, SRPs, principals, and district office administrators. While working at different times and with different responsibilities, beginning in October, 2010, these three groups completed the following tasks during their months of work:

    • established norms for meetings
    • learned about consensus decision-making
    • examined and revised the district and mission statement
    • reviewed student performance data
    • explored root causes and reached consensus on CDEP goals that addressed four key areas:
      • curriculum alignment
      • advancement
      • student achievement
      • the school environment
    • identified SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based – goals that further articulated these four identified areas into goals that were
      designed with an action plan to achieve the SMART goals
      set measurable targets
    • developed tasks and activities to attain the goal
    • assigned leaders to manage the task
    • defined the timeline for the work
    • identified any needed professional development or funding to support the goal 

    In February 2012, the Orchard Park Board of Education adopted the Comprehensive District Education Plan for 2012-2015.

    In 2015, the committee reconvened.  After analyzing our current academic performance and recognizing the accomplishment of the goals outlined in the current three year plan, the committee developed a revised plan to steer the District for the next three year period.  Anchored in student-centered goals, the 2015-18 CDEP plan is sensitive to the issues presently in NYS related to assessments and test refusals/opt outs.  Academic goals, which can be locally measured, are presented for literacy and numeracy for the elementary and middle school levels.  Character education and technology goals reflect our commitment to developing good citizens, who are equipped to enter an ever-changing global society with literacy in reading, mathematics, and technology.

    The current CDEP was adopted by the Board of Education in the spring of 2015, and will span through June 2018.

    Please see the document below for complete details.

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