Technology Plan

  • In February 2012, the Orchard Park Board of Education adopted the Comprehensive District Education Plan for 2012-2015. The goals for the 2012-2015 OPCSD Technology Plan were developed to align with the CDEP goals, District Goals and Board of Education Goals.

    Technology Vision

    In this Information Age it is understood that the Orchard Park School District commits to preparing its students to work in an ever-changing, information-centered, competitive global community. It is important that all students and staff become proficient in using technology to help students meet the Common Core Learning Standards and to gather information, communicate, solve problems and become lifelong learners. Educators must combine and integrate technology with new models of teaching, acknowledging each student's individual learning style. This vision complements the District Vision Statement:

    "We will give our students the vision to reach the stars the skills and fortitude to climb the ladder and the wisdom to appreciate the beauty of the journey."

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