Recommendation Letters

  • I will write 12 letters per year for my former students who have excelled in my classroom and possess fine character.  Ask early so you are not disappointed when I am overbooked with too many letters.

    Please follow the following steps if you would like me to write a recommendation for you:

    1) Ask me in Room 252 after school. If I feel I can write you a glowing recommendation, I will say YES!

    2) Print out the following two forms.  Fill each out to the best of your ability and email them back to me or hand deliver both with any additional materials requested.

    3) If you are using the Common Application, be sure to have the recommendation request sent to my email from their website.  My email is

    4) Be sure to give me your email address so I can notify you that your recommendation is complete and sent.

    5) Please let me know where you decide to attend college!!!


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