Spanish 4 Honors

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    Señora Holtermann

    Tel. 209–6313 (House 3)



    Spanish 4 Honors is a Pre-AP course intended for students who have successfully completed the Spanish 3 level curriculum.  The course builds on all previous knowledge acquired through your foreign language studies and is devoted to the refinement of vocabulary and the practice of communicative language skills.  We will build our proficiency through use of interesting and relevant authentic materials, such as films and video clips, news broadcasts, newspaper or magazine articles, and contemporary literature. In addition, we will also explore many cultural aspects and important issues pertaining to the Spanish speaking countries of the world.




    In this course, we will acquire language proficiency gradually as our range of language expression and comprehension expands.  Proficiency is the product of our experiences using the four communicative skills:  listening, reading, writing and speaking.  These skills are needed and desired in the working world.  Students with language competency and cultural awareness are better prepared to compete in today’s competitive job market.  This course is the first of an advanced two-year course of study aimed at college-level preparedness. The currents AP exam is designed around 6 themes relevant to the 21st century learner. These themes will be integrated into each unit in Spanish 4 Honors and are as follows:




    v  Global Challenges (Los desafíos mundiales)


    v  Science and Technology (La ciencia y la tecnología)


    v  Contemporary Life (La vida contemporánea)


    v  Personal and Public Identities (Las identidades personales y públicas)


    v  Families and Communities (Las familias y las comunidades)


    v  Beauty and Aesthetics (La belleza y la estética)




    The course emphasizes the use of the Spanish language for active communication and develops competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as a stronger command of vocabulary and grammar.  In this course, the teacher uses Spanish almost exclusively and encourages the students to do likewise.





    Students should be able to:

    -          understand the Spanish of a variety of native speakers in both formal and informal settings.

    -          Express ideas orally in Spanish with greater accuracy and fluency

    -          acquire vocabulary and grammatical structures which allow the accurate reading of

    nontechnical written texts such as magazine and newspaper articles, literary texts, letters,

    e-mails, etc.

    -          compose expository passages.

    -          improve written expression, using Spanish more resourcefully and fluently.

    -          grow in their knowledge of Hispanic cultures.



    Due to the advance nature of the Spanish 4H course, it is weighted at 1.05 times the value of other courses in determining class rank.  (i.e. 90  x 1.05 = 94.5 ). Each marking period is worth 20% of your grade for the year and the local final exam administered in June will count for the remaining 20%.  Your quarterly average is calculated as follows:


    Homework Assignments and Class Participation (30%):  In addition to reviewing your vocabulary and grammar, you can expect to have a written assignment every night.  Late or missed homework is not accepted unless you have a legal absence (see pages 11 & 12 of your student handbook).  Every student is given one “freebie” per marking period for cases of emergency.  After you use your “free” homework credit, you will lose points on your homework/participation average that CANNOT BE MADE UP.  In addition, you need to actively participate in class every day.  This does not just mean raising your hand and answering questions.  Participation is doing the task at hand; this will include listening, speaking, reading and/or writing activities. It is important to remember that everyone has something to do from bell to bell.


    Quizzes (30%):  You will have several quizzes each marking period based on the vocabulary and unit specific grammar points covered in class. In addition we will also have essays, speaking tasks, and oral presentations that count as quizzes.


    Unit Tests (40%):  At the end of each of the 8 units studied there will be a test covering the vocabulary and grammar acquired.  These tests assess competency in the four areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.





    You are expected to:


    -          maintain a mature attitude and accept responsibility for all work in this honors-level course

    -          have RESPECT for yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and other people’s belongings.

    -          do your own work without the assistance of another person or the use of any online translation devices, software and/or other such programs (any assignment completed using such devices or copied from another person will receive a zero as per the plagiarism statement in the student handbook) (appropriate use of a dictionary is permitted at this level)

    -          properly fill out your quarter grading sheet when assessments are returned during class and store this information in the front section of your binder so parents and guardians may see your progress (all graded assessments will be kept on file in the classroom and you may come any time during the ninth period to review any test or quiz in your file)

    -          come to class on time (if you are late, you must have a pass)

    -          maintain a comprehensive, well-organized notebook





    Strong work habits are the greatest determiner of success.  Work consistently and work well to be successful in this course.



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