•  Spanish 2 Parent/Student Information



    The goals of this of this course are to further develop and strengthen your Spanish language skills and cultural awareness. We will focus on the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the Spanish language. In addition, we will be examining many cultural aspects of the world’s Spanish speaking countries This class will serve to help prepare students who will be continuing in language and taking the Spanish 3 exam in June 2018 as a partial requirement towards obtaining an Advanced Regents Diploma. 


    Homework Assignments (tareas) and Class Participation (20%):  In addition to reviewing your vocabulary and grammar, you can expect to have a written assignment every night.  Late or missed homework is not accepted unless you have a legal absence (see pages 11 & 12 of your student handbook).  Every student is given one “freebie” per marking period for cases of emergency.  After you use your “free” homework credit, you will lose points on your homework/participation average that CAN NOT BE MADE UP.  In addition, you need to actively participate in class every day.  This does not just mean raising your hand and answering questions.  Participation is doing the task at hand; this will include listening, speaking, reading and/or writing activities. It is important to remember that everyone has something to do from bell to bell.

    Quizzes (35%):  You will have several quizzes each marking period based on the vocabulary and unit specific grammar points covered in class.

    Unit Tests (25%):  At the end of each of the 10 units studied there will be a test covering the vocabulary and grammar acquired.  These tests have sections using the para hacer ahora questions and homework assignments we work with on a daily basis.

    Quarterly Assessment Exams (20%):  There will be one exam given at the end of each marking quarter.  These are cumulative exams which cover between 1-3 units of study and combine all the elements from the unit quizzes and tests.  If you do not do well on a particular quiz or test you should come in for extra help well beforethe quarterly exam!!

    Final Exam: All students enrolled in this Spanish 2 course will be taking the Orchard Park District Spanish 2 final exam given during the June exam week.  The date of this exam is determined by the district and all students are expected to take the exam at the scheduled time. Part of this exam (24%) consists of two speaking tasks which must be completed prior to the exam date.  Please keep in mind that you may need to stay after school in April or May to complete your required exam speaking tasks.  This exam will also count as 20% of your final average for the course.

    Please note: Extra credit projects are not given.  Occasionally there may be extra credit questions on quizzes. 20% of your grade is trying your best in class and doing your homework.


    1. Come to class on time and quietly take your seat.  If you are late you must have a pass.  Unexcused lateness will be assigned a detention.
    2. At the bell you should take out your completed assignment for the day and begin to work on putting the date, weather and para hacer ahora(bell ringer review) assignment from the board or overhead in your notebook.
    3. Have RESPECT for yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and other people’s belongings.
    4. Please raise your hand to speak, do not shout out.
    5. Only two students are allowed to leave the class per period to use the lavatory or go to a locker.  All students must sign the sheet, leave their current school ID, and take the appropriate pass.
    6. You should make arrangements with me to come for extra help if needed. Please plan accordingly and do not wait until the last minute.
    7. Write down your homework assignments as well as any upcoming test and quiz dates in your agenda every day.
    8. Everyone is expected to do their own work.  You maynot use online or personal translation devices, software, and/or other such programs to complete assignments.  Any assignment completed using such devices or copied from another student will receive a grade of zero.  Please see the plagiarism warning on pages 23 & 24 in the student handbook for further details.
    9. To prevent accidental loss of important tests and quizzes, all graded assessments will be kept on file in the classroom. When these assessments are returned during class you are responsible to properly fill out your quarter grading sheet (Mis notas de español) in blue or black ink.  It is expected that this information be stored in the front section of your binder so parents and guardians may see your progress. Any error in recording a grade must be verified and initialed by the teacher on your grading sheet.At the end of each marking quarter the completed grading sheet must be signed by a parent or guardian. Remember, you may come at any time during the ninth period to review any test or quiz in your file.