AP World 10

  • This course will pick up with The College Board structure focusing in on the last two of the six different chronological periods from approximately 1750 CE to the present and then review.


    5.       Industrialization and Global Integration (c. 1750 to c. 1900)

    6.       Accelerating Global Change and Realignments (c. 1900 to the Present)

    At the completion of this year you will take both the AP World History Exam and then the NYS Regents Global History Examination in June. Your AP exam score does not average into your class grade but instead is a separate assessment that decides credit for college. You will not receive your scores for the AP exam until the summer (by mail usually in July). The Regents Global exam however, requires a 65 or higher for passing and will count as 1/5 of your class average.

    This year’s AP World exam has been scheduled for: Thursday May 12, 2016

     The AP World History Exam is 3 hours and 5 minutes long and includes both a 55-minute multiple-choice section and a 130-minute free-response section. The multiple-choice section of the examination accounts for half of the student's exam score, and the free-response section for the other half.

    Question Type

    Number of Questions



    70 questions

    55 minutes

    Document-based question

    1 question

    50 minutes
    (includes a 10-minute reading period)

    Continuity and change-over-time essay

    1 question

    40 minutes

    Comparative essay

    1 question

    40 minutes

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