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     Life is not always simple. Leaning to navigate it is an important part of being both successful and happy in life!

    Right now we have a great opportunity to re-examine our life choices. What can YOU do to be the healthiest, the Best, the most productive person you can be?

    *Start with your attitude. In fact, an Attitude of Graditude can really boost your state of mind!

    *What can you be thankful for? The sun shining, a good meal, Face Timing your friends, your pets, being with your family . . . etc.

    * How physically active are you?  It makes you feel so much better to exercise and to accomplish physical activities/work.

    *Keep your mind active and alive!  Read, do school work, check out the links on OPLearns for greater learning opportunities.

    * Perfect opportunity to get 8 hours of sleep. No more excuses to be tired!!

    *Trade your social media time for more productive activies, like the 5 examples listed above!

    I miss not teaching all of you!  Stay well and be smart> Hope to see you soon!


    Ms. Timmel