Unit 3 Resources: 2 parts-> Fractions&Percents

  • Unit 3 

    Below you will find links and resources to help you with homework as well as help you to better understand the material.


    Video on how to access flipped classroom lesson 

    How to Access Flipped Classroom Less


    Fraction Games: (click on the Light Blueto go to each site)

    Percent Games: (click on the PINKto go to each site)

    • Percent Goodies- Fill in the missing blank with a fraction, decimal, or % that is equivalent to the others
    • Mission Magnetite- In this game you will be presented with percentages, fractions and pictures. Your job is to match these three and keep the tank from getting full
    • Target Shoot-find a matching fraction to a decimal or to a percentage, aim and FIRE

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