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  • Welcome the PE Swim Resource Page!

    You will find this page useful if you are looking for resources for your Swim Project, are learning a stroke for the first time, or looking to perfect your swim strokes. If you locate the Calendar link from my homepage, you will find dates with PE Swim Makeups. Do not wait until the last week of each marking period to make up your missed classes!!
    The strokes that you will learn during your middle school career are the major competitive strokes that you see at any swimming competition, from youth programs to the Olympics!
    Swim Strokes:
    - Front Crawl
    - Back Crawl
    - Breast Stroke
    - Elementary Back Stroke 
    - Side Stroke
    Other topics discussed in Swim Unit
    - Water Safety
    - Diving
    - Treading

    You may find these links useful if you are writing a research paper for your PE Swim Unit...