•  Electronics Unit

    In this unit, students explore electricity and electronics, the foundation for much of the technology in our world. 

    In the first activity, students use Snap Circuit electronic training kits. 

    snap circuitssnap circuits

    The circuits allow students to quickly, easily and safely build a variety of circuits.  Students learn about and experiment with concepts such as: 

    • conductors and insulators
    • voltage,current and resistance
    • series and parallel circuits
    • how various components function in a circuit 
    • schematic symbols
    • polarity
    • short circuits
    • troubleshooting

    In the second activity, each student will make their own L.E.D. flashlight.  

    To make the circuit, students:

    1. Fabricate a circuit board.

    circuit board   circuit board 

    2. Follow a schematic diagram to assemble the circuit.


    schematic schematic of led symbols

     diagram of electrical connection  assembled circuit 

    3. Solder the circuit components to the circuit board.


    soldering iron              soldering

    4. Use a multimeter to perform voltage, resistance and continuity tests.


    5. Troubleshoot and repair any circuit problems.

    6. Manufacture a protective housing for the circuit from a recycled container.

    protective housing for circuit 

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