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    Break Update from Snow Day!!! 

     February Break/Snow Day Update


    Hey gang,

    Enjoy the bonus day for break!  


    1. We will take the quiz we missed today on Tuesday when we return.

    2. Project due dates (you picked your presentation date) still stand.  Keep working!  Remember these things:

      1. All materials are posted on my teacher page under the resources tab and/or in this google classroom.

      2. Do your project in this order:

        1. Research and notes--know your topic!  Make sure to keep track of your two sources (minimum) for your bibliography.

        2. Write out your speech script notes on sheets of paper--you can bring these notes up with you when you perform your speech.  Have an introduction and a conclusion to your speech.

        3. Decide on, and create your visual aid.

        4. Put the speech all together with the visual aid and your notes and practice it--be sharp!  Remember to watch the video I sent you about how to do good presentation.

      3. Email me if you have any questions...I will be away but will keep in touch as time permits.  


    Be safe and see you soon!

    Mr. J.

         Welcome to grade 7 social studies with Mr. Jafarjian and  Mrs. Thomson

    1.  Check this teacher page under the Resources tab to find  any current class materials that may be needed.
         Please email me with any questions (contact tab on the side)!  
    Have a great week! 
    Mr. Jafarjian
    Mrs. Thomson