Class Expectations

  • Welcome to Sixth Grade! This year we will be working on developing skills and strategies in your core areas that will help you become a more successful student.

    What You Can Expect:

    • Direct instruction of core curriculum
    • Small group, whole group, and individualized instruction building on foundational skills
    • Instruction based on your IEP goals
    • Modification of content for instruction as appropriate to your needs
    • Monitoring the use of the agenda
    • Whole group and small group social skills development
    • Math and Reading homework given every night (unfinished classwork will be assigned for homework)

    What I Expect From You:

    • Come to class prepared with all of your materials (agenda, pencil, free reading book, homework)
    • Give your best effort
    • Follow the 4 R’s (Be Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful, and a Risk-taker)
    • Be an ADVOCATE - Take charge of your education, ask for help when you need it

     We are going to have a great year in sixth grade! 

     colored pencils     


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