Class Rules

  • Classroom Rules

    Be Respectful: Show kindness in everything you say and do.
    Be Responsible: Do what needs to be done without being told (i.e. homework, class work, etc.).  
    Be Resourceful: Use materials and resources to help solve problems.
    Be a Risk-taker: Try new things and challenge yourself!




    If You Choose to Break a Rule

    First Time: Warning: Oral or Written
    Second Time: Lunch Detention  
    Third Time: Teacher or Office Detention (depending on severity), fill out Action Plan
    Severe disruption: Suspension – in-school or out-of-school, depending on severity




    Daily: Dojo Points (aim for at least 2 a day)
      Character Cash
    Weekly: Character Cash Drawing
      Fun Friday (if you reach 10 Dojo points)
    Monthly: Class Movie or Class Party

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