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  • 2020-2021 School Year: 

    I will be using google classroom this school year.  Email me any questions you have.

    Enduring Issues Essay -  Same essay all year.

    An enduring issue is a challenge or problem that has been debated or discussed across time. An
    enduring issue is one that many societies have attempted to address with varying degrees of

    Key terms:  

    Identify – means to put a name to; to name.
    Define – means to explain features of a thing or concept so that it can be understood.
    Argue – means to provide a series of statements that provide evidence and reasons to support a

    Identify an enduring issue  based on a historically accurate interpretation of three documents.   --This is the what?
    Define the issue using evidence from at least three documents  --- This is the what?
    Argue that this is a significant issue that has endured---  analysis: how and why?

    How the issue has affected people or been affected by people  --- analysis : how and why?
    How the issue has continued to be an issue or changed over time  - (follow this through history going backward and forward)  --analysis: how and why?
    Include outside information from your knowledge of social studies and evidence from the documents (make sure you cite the documents used – parenthetical citations).

    Still struggling?  Think about setting it up with 5 paragraphs: Paragraphs 2-4 need specific historical and/or modern examples and details. General statements need to be backed up with facts AND you need analysis.   How to include analysis:  - wording such as ---this was a significant change in history because.... this was important because....this led to ....and this had an postive (or negative) impact because.  

    Guiding questions for you to answer in your essay which will lead to analysis:   why is it important?  What did it change?  How did it impact people or America?  Was it good?  Why?  Was it bad?  Why?

    Suggestions of how to organize your essay:

    1st  paragraph - This is the introduction of the issue and the essay - Identify/define/expain why it is an issue and is it the same and/or different over time.  MUST use the words "enduring issue"

    2nd-4th - Body Paragraphs

        2nd:  Background on the enduring issue -- further explaination of why it is an issue and the impact on the U.S.  

         3rd:  How it has affected people -- good and/or bad     How people have had an affect on this issue  -- good and/or bad ( could be laws/ ideas/ changes/institutions/research/etc)

         4th:   How it has changed or stayed the same over time --- what is the same during different times ......what is different during different times

    5th- Conclusion - wraps up the essay.  NO NEW INFORMATION IN THE CONCLUSION.   NO FIRST PERSON  nor personal pronouns (you)  NO "As you can see"

    Ultimately you need to think, study, know current events and be engaged every day in class.

    Two other options to organize the essay

    Option 2 - choose 3 documents you can strongly support and organize by topic tied to those documents.  Set up body paragraphs based on TOPIC and weave in the documents and outside information.  MAKE SURE YOU write about affect on people and changes/similarities

    Option 3:   Read the documents.  Focus on what you can strongly discuss as an enduring issue and have the documents to support this (it is a bit of the opposite of option 2 - you are fitting in docs with knowledge rather than knowledge backs up topics and docs).  For this option do NOT force fit an enduring issue if it does not relate to the topics of the documents AND make sure stick with one enduring issue throughout and material that is connected throughout the whole essay.

    AGAIN --- never start a paragraph with In (document 1) it shows.  That is not an essay.  EACH paragraph starts with a topic sentence and the whole paragraph is about a topic using documents to explain and support the topic.  

    Citation of documents must be done correctly.   In the map it show.......explanation.......................................(doc 3).  This is a change because.........  

    Other document examples:  In the chart it shows; The author Susan James explains;   The passage on civil rights states;  The photo of the Civil War shows;  The ecoomist James Whitehead states; The Supreme Court in the case Plessy v. Ferguson decided....

    Then in your own words you explain the document and cite the document at the end of the sentence using parenthesis.  (doc 5); (doc 3);  -- document and then the number it is.  Period after the second parenthesis.