Evaluating Web Pages

  • Evaluating Free Webpages on the Internet

    Ask Yourself - Why are they giving away this information for free?

    To sell you something?
    To convince you of something?
    Because the information is not worth anything?
    ABC's of Evaluating Web Sites


    • Who sponsors or created the web site?
    • Is there information about the sponsor or creator?
    • Can you contact the author/organization?
    • Does the address include .com, .edu, .gov, a tilde (~), or .org?  


    • Are personal views expressed?
    • Is the information balanced, reflecting both sides of an issue, or is it trying to mislead the reader?
    • Can facts be verified?
    • Do facts match up with previous knowledge?
    • Check for supporting evidence.
    • Does the website want something of yours (money, time, information)?


    • When was the site created? Updated? Look for a copyright/revision date.
    • Is the webpage still under construction?
    • Is topic covered completely (thoroughly, in-depth) OR, is it partial (abridged, shortened, superficial)?  


    • Are links up-to-date and active?
    • Is information organized and easy to navigate?
    • Are references included?
    • Does the text contain correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar?
    • Are there any broken images or an overabundance of ads?

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