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    OPCSD Academic Resources Reservation Guide

    1.       Type in the web address one of the following websites:

    -          OPCSD Academic Resources Catalog:

    * If you want to create a bookmark/favorite for this catalog webpage, you must use the exact addresses listed above. If you bookmark the page once it loads, the address has changed and the catalog will not load properly when you use the bookmark.*

    -          District page for Destiny with links to all 8 Destiny catalogs including the OPCSD Academic Resources Catalog: and click on “OPCSD Academic Resources” in the right bottom box.

    2.       Once you are on the OPCSD Academic Resources Catalog, click on the  button in the upper right corner.

    3.       Enter your User Name and password.

    -          Your User Name is the same as your e-mail address without the “”. Typically this is the first letter of your first name with your last name.

    -          Your Password is the same as the password you use to log in on a PC or the Active Directory password you would use to access blocked websites (ex. YouTube).


    For additional details on finding resources, please see the Reservation Guide attached to this webpage.




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