Meet Mr. Muffoletto

  • Mr. Muffoletto  


    Teaching is not a profession, it's a passion!

    ~Author Unknown

    Mr. Muffoletto has been teaching at Eggert Road Elementary School since November 2004.  He taught third grade from November 2004- June 2011. Starting September 2011, Mr. Muffoletto began teaching second grade.  Mr. Muffoletto graduated from Medaille College with his Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and his Master's Degree in Literacy.



    Family: 1 younger brother, mother and father

    Mr. Muffoletto is a proud uncle to Jackson!

    Birthday: July 12

    Favorite Color: Yellow and blue

    Favorite Animal: Manatees

    Favorite Food: Spaghetti

    Fears: Snakes

    Favorite Book: Too many to choose! O.K.- Mr. Popper's Penguins

    Hobbies: Running, reading, traveling and learning new magic tricks 

    (Did you know that Mr. Muffoletto is a magician?)


    I BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW....... 

    -that Mr. Muffoletto collects thimbles (from all the places he travels) 

    -he performed in a circus as a clown. After winning a news contest- the entire class got to see Mr. Muffoletto perform in the circus and got to see the circus with their family.

    Mr. Muffoletto dressed as a clown 

    October 2009

    - has meet authors Jan Brett (author of The Mitten and other great stories) and Herman Parish (Ameila Bedelia stories), Steven Kellogg and Mike Thaler (Black Lagoon Series), Virginia Kroll and the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

     Mr. Muffoletto and author Jan Brett               Mr. Muffoletto and author Jan Brett 

    Jan Brett -2009                     Jan Brett- 2013


        Mr. Muffoletto, Herman Parish and Ameila Bedilia

    Herman Parish and Ameila Bedelia (Mrs. Aszkler) 

    Mr. Muffoletto and Steven Kellogg   Steven Kellogg  Mr. Muffoletto and Mike Thaler

                                    Mike Thaler - Author Of the Black Lagoon Series   

    Mr. Muffoletto and the Grinch           Mr. Muffoletto and the GRINCH

    Mr. Muffoletto and Virgina Kroll

       Mr. Muffoletto and author Virginia Kroll