• Units of Study 

    Intellectual Standards in Scientific Thinking


    - Could you elaborate further on your hypothesis (or idea)?

    - Could you give me a more detailed explanation of the phenomenon you have in mind?


    - How could we check on those data?

    - How could we verify or test that theory?


    - Could you be more specific?

    - Could you give me more details on the phenomenon?

    - Could you be more exact as to how the mechanism takes place?


    - How do those data relate to the problem?

    - How do they bear on the question?


    - What factors make this a difficult scientific problem?

    - What are some of the complexities we must consider?


    - Do we need to look at this from another perspective?

    - Do we need to consider another point of view?

    - Do we need to look at this in other ways?


    - Are all the data consistent with each other?

    - Are these two theories consistent?

    - Is this implied by the data we have?


    - Is this the central idea to focus on?

    - Which set of data is most important?


    - Do I have a vested interest in this issue that keeps me from looking at it objectively?

    - Am I misrepresenting a view with which I disagree?