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    Our current topics of interest:
    Fall 2016
    Why must we read 20 minutes EVERY night? 
    ELA: Reading and Writing:
    * We will begin our year off with establishing the routines of Readers' and Writers' Workshop.  
    •Students will interview a partner and create a "Celebrity Profile" to help us get to know each other. Digital Photos will be used in a google slide presentation. Please send along digital photos to me at 
    * Students will read several biographies in the beginning of the school year. 
    * As a class we will be reading Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher. A great book to identify character traits and create a story map. 
    * As a read-aloud we will read Home of the Brave  and relate it to our close reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
    • Celebrity Profile
    • Seed - Personal Narrative 
    Social Studies: Students will begin the year learning about landforms and how geography can affect people.  We will spend time getting to know the regions of the United States. 
    Science: Our first unit of study is Ecosystems. 
    Math: Module 1: Understanding Place Value and number sense.