About Homework

  • Homework
    According to the District Handbook, fifth graders are expected to spend about 50 minutes a night on homework.
     *Part of our classroom nightly homework is for students to read at least 20 minutes.
    *Homework is due the following morning and is checked in during homeroom, unless otherwise stated. 
    *Students are expected to make up any late or missing assignments upon returning to school. Students not having an assignment at morning check in will be asked to stay in during 5th grade study hall. 
    *Projects and larger assignments will be accompanied with due dates. They are expected to be spread out over time.
    * Please review your child's agenda each night. 

    The On-line Calendar is a great place to see the "Big Picture" (upcoming tests, quizzes and long-term assignments).

    NOTE: Students' agenda books are the primary place to look for homework assignments as there may be times when unforeseen events may cause the online calendar to become inaccurate.  Please remember to check your child's agenda book daily!