Food-Free Birthday Celebrations


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     Eggert has launched a "Food Free" birthday policy. Food items will not be allowed to be sent in for birthdays. You are more than welcome to send in a small trinket (pencils, erasers, stickers, tattoos, crazy straws) for your child to distribute to his/ her classmates. If you choose not to send anything in, that is totally fine, too. We will be sure to make your child feel extra special on his/her birthday. Have your child bring in a baby picture to share with us! In addition, we would love to hear a funny baby story or memory, too! Your child will receive a signed birthday "star" from his/her classmates, along with a small gift from myself. Last but not least, we will use our best singing voices to serenade your child! We currently have 25 students in our classroom.

    (*Our seasonal parties will not contain food items, either.)