Character Counts


    Character Counts!!!

    In our classroom, I strive to encourage and reinforce good behavior and choice-making.


    - Brownie Points- Every time the entire class receives a compliment from another staff member, a parent volunteer, field trip presenters, etc., the class will earn a brownie point. When the class earns fifty points the teacher will provide a list of possible rewards the class could choose and enjoy. After all, hard work pays off!!

    -Group Rewards- Every time I see a group helping each other, staying on task, following directions, and working extra hard, they will earn a tally. Every Friday the tallies will be counted and the group who earned the most tallies will earn a special prize. 

    -Rachel's Challenge Links of Kindness- Showing kindness is something we encourage all day, everyday. Whenever ANYONE sees YOU showing kindness to others, you will be asked to put your name on a kindness link that will be hung in our school hallway. Mr. Tryon and Mrs. Busch will host a special assembly about these links of kindness.