English Language Arts

  • Reader's Workshop

    In this program, the children are reading books on their own individual independent reading level. This level was determined using an assessment called a “Reading Record”. Your child read a passage and I monitored your child’s reading rate (fluency) and miscues (errors). After your child read, I asked your child to retell the story and then I asked specific comprehension questions which gave me insight about your child’s literal and inferential comprehension skills. All of these factors went into choosing “good fit books” for your child. 

    The purpose of knowing your child’s independent reading level is so that your child is reading books that he/she is comfortable with, to do the hard work expected in class. They also have a starting point for choosing books. This by no means says that your child can not or should not read books that are not on his or her level at home or times during our day just for fun. In fact, enjoying and sharing books at your child’s instructional reading levels is important for readers too!

    During our literacy block, the structure of Reading Workshop is as follows:

    -          Mini-lesson (10-15 minutes): During the mini-lesson, I will introduce a reading strategy that students may use while reading independently. The strategy is focused around the mentor-text or the text we are reading in our Read Aloud time.

    -     Independent reading (30-35 minutes): Children will choose a book on their reading level and read quietly. When finished reading, they may choose another book, quietly share the book with their partner, or respond about the book in their Reading Workshop journal. I will be pulling small-groups during this time to work on strategies.

    -          Share (5-10 minutes): Children will come back to the carpet and share something about the day’s workshop.

    -          Read Aloud (5-10 minutes): Children will come together to listen to a mentor text that is shared by the teacher. This text will be referenced in the mini-lesson.

    At home, students will continue to be expected to keep on reading! At times, your child may want to continue reading the book that he/she is reading in class at home. Other times, your child may be working on a book at home unrelated to what we are doing in class. Our goal is for children to read for enjoyment but to also begin using strategies for reading in the book that he/she is enjoying too.

    I am very confident that this program is a step in the right direction. It is getting books in kid’s hands and really working at skill in a good fit book that your child chose! If you ever have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to ask me. Thank you so much for all of the support you give your reader!

    We will be using the Words Their Way program for spelling instruction. 


    *For further information on the Common Core Learning Standards, visit www.engageny.org.