Homework Policy

  • Homework:

    pencil and a sticky note  


       Our third grade team has put a lot of thought into the concept of "homework". It is our hope that you and your child find the homework this year to be manageable and meaningful.


    Your child will be expected to complete the following 3 tasks each night:

    1. READ

    2. SORT and STUDY spelling words (located in the plastic pouch in the Take Home Folder)

    3. PRACTICE math facts (located in the plastic pouch in the Take Home Folder).

     **These 3 tasks do not even require paper and pencil (unless you want them to!)



    There will be a file folder located in the "Bring Back to School" pocket of your child's Take Home Folder. This is called the "TO DO Folder". Inside the folder, your child will have one English Language Arts assignment that is to be completed at home, over the course of two whole school weeks. There may also be a short math activity inside the folder as well.



     Your child has an agenda this year! All take home assignments, test dates, and important due dates will be written in the agenda. It is expected that you and your child reference the agenda each night to ensure homework is completed in its entirety. It is your child's responsibility to bring completed homework (and items that are to be signed/returned) back to school the day they are due.



    Although I don't grade homework (no more A, B, C, "traditional grades" in our elementary schools), I collect it and make note of how well your child seems to grasp the particular skill of focus on that particular assignment. You will see the following "letters" on your child's homework:

    S-Secure (Meets current grade level expectations)

    P-Progressing (Progressing toward current grade level)

    N-Needs improvement (not meeting

    grade level expectation, needs substantial support and/or extra time)