Recess,Rules, & Reflections

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    Weather depending, we go outside for recess Days 1-4 (Day 5 is our double special day.)If the weather is too wet or cold, we will have indoor recess. 
    All students will participate in recess, unless otherwise decided by Mr. Tryon.


    Students who owe assignments (ex: late/missing/absent work) will have the choice to complete this work during recess time. If they choose not to, this work will need to be completed at home that night. An "OOPS Form" will be sent home informing you of the late assignment. The form will need to come back signed with the late assignment the following school day.


    *The students worked together to create our classroom rules. These rules ensure respect, safety, and comfort within our classroom and school. If one or more of these rules is broken, your child will have a chance to reflect on his her actions/choices. Your child will still participate in recess, however, they will spend some time taking a "REFLECTION WALK", during which they will fill out a "Behavior Reflection Form" This form will be sent home for your review and signature.

    Persistent and/or significant behavior problems will be discussed over the phone or in person.