My Booklist

  • Recreational reading has been proven to be beneficial to the development of a student's learning. It is important for students to read for fun. It is even better if parents can ask children to read with and to them. Ms. Beyer loves to be read to while she cleans. :-)

    Ms. Beyer has a Book Club where students share good books with the class. In the spring, if all students in the class have contributed and worked toward the book club, we will have a Book Club PIZZA PARTY!!

    Here is how it works:

    1. Student chooses an appropriate book that sounds interesting.

    2. Student reads the book.  Parents should be part of this - maybe reading with the student or listening as the student reads (at least for part of the book).

    3. Student brings a note from parent stating that student read the book (include title and author).

    4. Student shares characters and plot of the book with the class (in written and oral form).

    5. Student records the book toward a Book Club Pizza Party in the spring!

    Happy Reading!!