1st Grade

  • Our 1st Grade Teachers are:

    • Mrs. DeVincentis & Miss McClemont
    • Ms. Finger
    • Mrs. Miecyjak        
    • Mrs. Silver       
    • Mrs. Slocum 
    • Mrs. K. Smith


     Important Beginning of the Year Information

    1st Grade Expectations:

    Upon entering first grade, your child should be able to:

    • Know first and last name
    • Recite address and phone number
    • Tie shoes
    • Independently dress themselves for the weather (zip, snap, tie, etc)  




    Math is manipulative-based as we move from the concrete to the symbolic stage.  Some of the concepts we will explore this year are as follows:

    • Counting to 100
    • Skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
    • Identifying patterns
    • Addition and subtraction
    • Addition facts to sums of 20
    • Measurement in inches and centimeters
    • Money: pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters
    • Telling time to the half-hour
    • Problem solving
    • Drawing diagrams to explain solutions
    • Place value: ones, tens, and hundreds
    • Geometry: lines, curves, shapes, solid objects 


    Social Studies:

    • Communities: school, family, neighborhood
    • Map skills: directions, map key, symbols
    • Citizenship
    • Holidays as part of our history and heritage 



    • Properties: sorting, classifying
    • Rocks, fossils and dinosaurs
    • Weather
    • Mini-unit on magnets
    • Other mini-unites integrated with Language Arts and non-fiction texts
    • Heath: safety, good health habits, nutrition, social skills, appreciating differences 



    Phonics/Word Study

    • Letter recognition (use beginning and ending consonants as well as vowel sounds to identify words; distinguish the difference between vowels and consonants)
    • Short vowels
    • Long vowels and vowel patterns
    • Initial, medial, and final consonants
    • Plural -s
    • Inflected endings -s, -ing, -ed
    • Past and present tenses
    • Blends and digraphs
    • Sight words
    • Nouns (speak in order to describe familiar persons, places or objects)
    • Proper Nouns (special names)
    • Verbs (action words)
    • Adjectives (describing words)
    • Compound Words
    • Contractions

    Comprehension Skills/Reading Strategies

    • Predicting
    • Classifying
    • Main Idea
    • Sequence
    • Recall and Retell
    • Contect Clues
    • Cause and Effect
    • Author's Purpose
    • Fact and Fantasy
    • Story Elements (Setting, Characters, Plot)
    • Compare and Contrast
    • Drawing Conclusions


    • Types of Sentences
    • Ending Punctuation
    • Writing Journals - Creative Writing
    • Introduction to the Writing Process