1st Grade

  • Our 1st grade teachers are:

    • Ms. Emily McClemont            EMcclemont@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Erin Noe                       ENoe@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Kelly Smith                   KSmith@opschools.org 
    • Mrs. Sandy Silver                 SSilver@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Kim Slocum                  KSlocum@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Jacyln Kasprzak            JKasprzak@opschools.org

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     Important Beginning of the Year Information

    1st Grade Expectations:

    Upon entering first grade, your child should be able to:

    • Know first and last name
    • Recite address and phone number
    • Tie shoes
    • Independently dress themselves for the weather (zip, snap, tie, etc)  

    Classroom Details:

    So that your child can participate in a variety of field trips and craft activities throughout the year, you will be asked to provide the necessary funds for your child.  Example expenses:

    • Field Day T-shirts
    • On and Off-site Field trips
    • Holiday Crafts

    In cases of financial hardship, our PTO graciously and confidentially assists families.  Please notify your child's teacher or the building principal is any such concerns arise.



    Math is manipulative-based as we move from the concrete to the symbolic stage.  Some of the concepts we will explore this year are as follows:

    • Counting to 100
    • Skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
    • Identifying patterns
    • Addition and subtraction
    • Addition facts to sums of 20
    • Measurement in inches and centimeters
    • Money: pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters
    • Telling time to the half-hour
    • Problem solving
    • Drawing diagrams to explain solutions
    • Place value: ones, tens, and hundreds
    • Geometry: lines, curves, shapes, solid objects 


    Social Studies:

    • Communities: school, family, neighborhood
    • Map skills: directions, map key, symbols
    • Citizenship
    • Holidays as part of our history and heritage 



    • Properties: sorting, classifying
    • Rocks, fossils and dinosaurs
    • Weather
    • Mini-unit on magnets
    • Other mini-unites integrated with Language Arts and non-fiction texts
    • Heath: safety, good health habits, nutrition, social skills, appreciating differences 



    Phonics/Word Study

    • Letter recognition (use beginning and ending consonants as well as vowel sounds to identify words; distinguish the difference between vowels and consonants)
    • Short vowels
    • Long vowels and vowel patterns
    • Initial, medial, and final consonants
    • Plural -s
    • Inflected endings -s, -ing, -ed
    • Past and present tenses
    • Blends and digraphs
    • Sight words
    • Nouns (speak in order to describe familiar persons, places or objects)
    • Proper Nouns (special names)
    • Verbs (action words)
    • Adjectives (describing words)
    • Compound Words
    • Contractions

    Comprehension Skills/Reading Strategies

    • Predicting
    • Classifying
    • Main Idea
    • Sequence
    • Recall and Retell
    • Contect Clues
    • Cause and Effect
    • Author's Purpose
    • Fact and Fantasy
    • Story Elements (Setting, Characters, Plot)
    • Compare and Contrast
    • Drawing Conclusions


    • Types of Sentences
    • Ending Punctuation
    • Writing Journals - Creative Writing
    • Introduction to the Writing Process