Special Education

  • Our Special Education Teachers are:

    • Mrs. Grace Collins               GCollins@opschools.org
    • Ms. Emily McClemont          EMcClemont@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Lauren Miecyjak          LMiecyjak@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Mary Pappaceno          MPappaceno@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Karen Salmon             KSalmon@opschools.org
    • Mrs. Nicole Zelasko             NZelasko@opschools.org

    Special Education Program: 

    There is a special population of students who learn in different ways for a variety of reasons.  The primary goal of the special education program is to address individual student needs so that he or she may continue to enjoy learning, while still being involved with peers.

    To address student’s needs, a smaller class with an individualized program of instruction is provided.  Within this setting, the teacher can address the needs to continue academic progress, as well as support behavioral and emotional growth.  Family contact and involvement in the child’s program is a major component.

    Committee on Special Education. 

    The Committee on Special Education is made up of professional and parent representatives from the school district.  District committee members include the school psychologist, school physician, teacher, a designated administrator, and a parent of a child with the handicapping condition.

    The District Committee on Special Education is responsible to the Board of Education for placement recommendations for students with handicapping conditions.  The recommendations are made in compliance with appropriate state and federal laws and regulations.  The chairman of the CSE is the coordinator of Special Education.

    There are six building Sub-Committees on Special Education.  The recommendations for placement of students within these buildings who may need resource room and/or related services (Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling) are determined by the Sub-Committees on Special Education.  Placements are processed through the Coordinator of Special Education.  Besides initial evaluation and placement, each student with handicapping conditions will be reviewed annually.