Monthly Tip: December

  • December:
    Good Times to Talk/Listen to Your Child

    For Parents:
    1. Folding the laundry together.
    2. At a meal in a restaurant (don't stare!)
    3. In front of the computer together.
    4. When the parent wants to go to bed!
    5. Ordinary routines such as cleaning the table, bringing in groceries.
    6. After school over snacks.
    7. In the bathroom while you are brushing your teeth or doing make-up.
    8. When you are on the phone!
    9. When the house is quiet.
    10. While watching t.v.
    11. While riding in the car.
    12. On a walk together.
    13. Doing outside activities such as raking leaves, putting up storm windows.
    14. Any place where you talk indirectly.
    15. Talk to them over the phone or via email.
    16. Leave notes on kid's bed.
    17. Talk to the pets about the kid in front of the kid!
    18. Talk about other kids to your kid.
    19. Talk hypothetically. ("What if..." or "I wonder...")
    NB: Don't stop what you are doing when your child opens up. Ask only questions that are action oriented. Remember to use Humor!

    (Keep it simple)