Parent's Page

  • Daily Agenda:
    Each student will receive his or her own agenda again this year. They are responsible for recording all assignments given by the teacher as well as preserving their binder from front to back.  In the front pocket of the binder will be put papers that “Go home and come back.”  The back pocket is for papers that “ Go home, stay home, and can be filed away."  The front pocket is where the students should place their homework to be turned in . The back pocket should be empty each morning when the student returns to school.  Agendas DO NOT need to be signed, but should be checked daily for additional notes.
    It will be most beneficial to your child if you schedule appointments outside of the school day.  If this cannot be avoided, please provide the school with a note about the appointment and your child is responsible for any work missed during their absence.
    Your child will be assessed throughout the year to determine their academic success.  We will notify the students in advance before a unit/chapter test and before quizzes.  Also, it is important as part of your daily routine to build in time for review of current content material.
    Birthday Treats:
    We are looking forward to celebrating your child’s special day with him/her this year.  It is the school's policy that treats should not be brought into school.  We will make sure that your child's birthday is a special day.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will recognize them during a special celebration at the end of the school year.
    Bus Passes:
    If your child is going to be riding another bus, they must bring in a note stating whose house they will be going to and the bus number.  Notes should be turned in FIRST THING in the morning to the blue checkered basket, the note will be sent to the office and a bus pass will be issued.
    In order to fully assist your child, we need to team up and all work together through open communication.  There are many ways to discuss ideas, problems or issues that might arise this year.  I can be reached online at  To leave a message during school hours you may also contact the main office at 209-6278.  However, the best place for communication is in your child’s agenda or Friday folder.  I will be sending this folder home every Friday and expect that each child will return it on Monday with your signature.
    Dates to Remember:
    Open House - September 10th
    ELA Grade 5 Test -March 25th & 26th 
    Math Grade 5 Test- April 21st & 22nd
    On all of your child’s papers we expect the following heading:
    Name                                                           Date
    Subject                                                        Teacher
    Healthy Habits:
    Looking at all of the expectations placed on our fifth graders it is important that you assist your child in taking the time to put some habits into their daily routine.  It is important for them to eat breakfast, get plenty of sleep (recommended 10-12 hours), exercise, and eating healthy food and snacks.
    Homework Policy:
    All students will be expected to turn in their homework on the date that it is due.
    Late Busses:
    There are late buses on certain days for after school activities.
    Parent Conferences:
    I look forward to meeting each of you at Open House, which is a great opportunity to visit the classroom and enjoy your child’s work on display.  I would like to talk with you personally at a parent conference that will be scheduled for your family in November or December.  
    I have three basic rules that I expect all children in our room to follow. By obeying these rules your child will work toward achieving academic excellence and demonstrating excellent citizenship necessary for all Ellicott students.  The rules are: to be polite, to be respectful, and to be responsible.  These rules are stated in a general manner however, we will be discussing with your child all of the rules embedded in these general statements.
    Sick Work:
    Should your child miss school, their assignments, papers and books will be sent home with their homework buddy determined by you at the beginning of the year.
    Study Skills:
    As your child completes his/her elementary experience, it will be critical that they have some study skills in place as they head for more independence in middle school.  We will do a number of study skills lessons this year that we ask you to reinforce at home.  I will notify you as to how you can help your child as the skills are presented to them.
    It is important that your child is prepared every day with pencils, pens and paper for school.  You received a list over the summer, and we will be reviewing this list with your child and labeling all of their supplies during the first few days of school.  If your child is not prepared, we will note that in their agenda.  Also, it may be necessary to periodically replenish the supplies as they may run out during the course of the year.  If you have any questions about supplies don’t hesitate to ask.
    Your child will be reading and checking out multiple books from the school and classroom library for Reader's Workshop. These books are expensive to purchase and in order to keep them in good shape for years to come, we are asking all students to take extra care with these books.