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    Families can apply for free breakfast/lunch during these uncertain times. Please email Jeff Petrus at jpetrus@opschools.org for more information. We have been sending emails, if you have not received one please check and update your contact information in Powerschool!

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  • New pages 127 - 143 added last week. Now pages 143-155 this week have been added to the 4th Grade Math Notebook, click the notebook image to check it out! Have you done your REFLEX this week? (reflexmath.com username is ttundo and password is your 9 digit code or just go to Clever on your chromebook and click on Reflex from there) 

    This Week's Google Slideshow Outline (Make sure to scroll down to see all 3 slides!)

    reflex math  May 25-29   math notebook  


  • Fantastic Friday... 

    Take a tour....

    Here are some pictures Ms. Kelly took at our state capital in Albany.


     Albany 2

    Albany 3

    Mr. Borrello is a NY State Senator. He does not represent our area. He represents the Chautauqua area. However, he just came out with an AWESOME video about our State Capital. Click below to take a virtual tour of the New York State Captial:

    Virtual NYS Capital Tour video

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  • Thinking Thursday... for May 28

    Make sure you watch the video lessons #14 and #15 to learn how some fractions can be written as decimals and how to write some decimals as fractions.

    math video 14   math video 15

    Practice your skills with the games below:

    fruit splat game   puppy chase game

    Make sure to also watch the Music Video and Review Video below:

    decimal music video  review video

    In case you did not see this on the outline or in google classroom (the last 2 pages of Math Mission #33 are all about the videos and games posted here, give the practice pages a try). ** Remember in order to turn your work in using Kami you must open it from your google classroom! You can click here to print it out, if you click Kami here, it will work but you will not see a ¨turn in¨ button. You would download it to your chromebook then attach it to an email to Mrs. MacDonald.

    math mission 33

    Now it is time for something extra and theme related (not on the outline or in google classrrom)

    What is Outside Your Window



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  • Wonderful Wednesday 

    Draw a view from your window!

    To get started, click on the photo below. Learn some great tips on landscape drawing from Time for Kids Draw with Drew and Rosie.


    After watching, make a plan, gather materials and draw the view outside your window. Send your finished pictures in to be on SDTV!

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  • Try It Tuesday... May 26 

    1. Visit the Tift Farm Osprey Cam.

    There are three osprey chicks due to hatch this week. Click on the picture to visit:


    2. Scholastic Super Science: Careers, Engineering and Art

    Learn about Matthew Reinhart who studied biology and anatomy and combines science, engineering and art to make great 3-D pop-up books. Make sure you watch his video ”Engineering the Perfect Pop” along with the article.

    Click on the picture below:


    Now try it! Think about what would make a fun 3-D image. Draw your picture on a sheet of paper and include a description of how you would make it pop! For an extra step, and if you have scissors and tape, you can try making a V-fold like Matthew Reinart describes. Try attaching your drawing to the V-fold to make it jump! Send a picture to Ms. Kelly and she’ll put it on the website.

    3D Pic

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  • Check out the cool superhero and healthy/fitness math story problems your classmates created! It's not too late to add your own or if you already made a slide why not create another one! Click the image below read your friends' stories!

    superhero slideshow   healthy math stories  Symmetry projects


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  • Use the following (songs, videos, models, and game) links to help you better understand fractions!

    Fraction Songs:

    equal fractions song   simplify fractions song

    Fractions Videos:

    equal fraction video   race to 1 whole game

    Fraction Models:

    abcya tiles   fraction tiles equal pies equal fractions

    Fraction Games:

    fraction collection  alien game add fractions  Bingo

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  • Practice your division skills by clicking below:

    division derby  drag race division  demolition derby    division with remainders

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  • Listen to the song below to review how the area model works to help us multiply larger numbers.  Watch the second video to review how to multiply two double digit numbers with an area model.

    area model song multiply with area model

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  • Review the difference between area and perimeter with the song below! Explore Area and Perimeter with the Area Builder below. Watch a short video on area and perimeter to review your skills.

     song              builder         video

    perimeter song  area  area and perimeter

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  • Listen to this song to help you review subtraction with regrouping! Then try clicking on the subtraction problem on the right to practice your own problems. (Will NOT work on Chrome, I have to use Internet Explorer as my browser with updated Java)

    sub song  sub manipulatives

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  • Review rounding by watching this music video!

    rounding song

    Try any of these rounding games for extra practice this week!

    rounding sharks   rounding spaceships   town creator rounding   sea life rounding


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  • Click below to review our basic place value skills!

    place value millions   place value billions   comma song   mystery numbers

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  • Looking for something to do this weekend?  Review and practice your money skills with the links below! 

    coins song   money game

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  • Remember your daily math homework: practice your math facts (all operations) for 5-7 min. Click on the images below to get going!

     math fact practice   facts

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  • I Love SchooBoy

    Thanks for visiting our fourth grade website! We are so excited to be working with you this year.

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